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30 Jun, 2022 10:24

Jake Paul makes Tommy Fury claim after British fighter ‘denied US entry’ (VIDEO)

The YouTuber further accused Tommy Fury of trying to weasel his way out of their August 6 fight
Jake Paul makes Tommy Fury claim after British fighter ‘denied US entry’ (VIDEO)

Jake Paul has accused Tommy Fury of showing no urgency to resolve his US immigration woes and save their August 6 fight.

Furthermore, Paul would be willing to travel to the UK to take on the brother of WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury for a whopping fee of $15 million.

Tommy Fury claimed on Tuesday that he and his team were heading out to the US for a press conference to promote the bout with Paul, but as soon as Fury entered London Heathrow Airport, he was confronted by Homeland Security who told him he wouldn't be able to board his US flight.

It has been suggested that the development could be linked to supposed connections the Fury family had with alleged Irish crime boss Daniel Kinahan, with Tyson Fury also reportedly refused access to a US-bound flight a week ago.

The American government is offering $5 million to anyone with information that could lead to the dissolution of the Kinahan family or the arrest of any of its members, and over 600 people with past links to them are said to be banned from the US as a consequence.

According to Paul, however, who took to social media in a video address on Wednesday, he and his legal team have found a way around the bureaucratic hurdle and Fury is dragging his feet on taking advantage of the solution.

"Update: we've spoken to Tommy Fury's lawyers, they're all advising him to go to the embassy to get his visa, but Tommy shows no urgency," Paul claimed.

"He hasn't gone yet, he's not communicating with us about what he's doing. Is this another case where he's just afraid to fight me? I think that's what it is," Paul suggested.

Paul claimed that the Fury clan headed by father John, with whom Paul has repeatedly clashed, is "trying to manipulate something here" to make him fight in the UK.

And though Paul is willing to entertain such a prospect, he wants to be handsomely compensated for it. 

"Okay, you want me to fight in the UK? Show me $15 million. Here in the US we make more pay-per-view buys, more ticket sales and more sponsorship [money]," he claimed.

"MSG (Madison Square Garden) August 6. Tommy, are you going to miss the biggest payday of your life because you want me to go to the UK?" Paul further asked. 

"Like I said, I'll go, just show me the money. But you can't do that, you don't have $15 million. This is embarrassing, go to the embassy, get your visa and let's make this fight happen. Stop dodging me and stop wasting my time," he demanded.

Should the fight fail to materialize on either side of the Atlantic, it would be the second time it has fallen through after Fury also pulled out in December due to suffering a bacterial chest infection and a broken rib. 

Ex-UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley took the Mancunian's place, and Paul knocked him out in Cleveland to improve to 5-0 in what was his last outing in the ring and a rematch between the pair from when Paul also beat the veteran by a controversial split decision months earlier.