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27 May, 2022 12:36

Aussie rival challenges Kyrgios to $2 million boxing match

Bernard Tomic has had enough of Kyrgios' trash talking
Aussie rival challenges Kyrgios to $2 million boxing match

Bernard Tomic wants to settle his dispute with Nick Kyrgios for once and for all by challenging the loud mouth Aussie bad boy to a $2 million boxing match.

Tennis ace Kyrgios turned down the chance to play a tennis match for the same amount against his fellow compatriot pro, which has pushed Tomic to suggest a meeting in the squared circle following a bitter back and forth on social media. 

"I am so sick of all this trash talk," Tomic said to the Saturday Confidential when discussing a rivalry that has gone on for years.

"I literally chopped this clown last time we played, and I think it is time for me to chop him again," the 29-year-old said of a previous tennis meeting against Kyrgios at the Kooyong Classic in 2019.

"He needs to wake up. The only thing he is number one for is having the biggest mouth."

"I know he won't walk onto the tennis court with me because he is a bit too scared. Put your boxing gloves on, let's get inside the ring and let's sort this out as men. Let's stop the trash talk," Tomic demanded.


Tomic has suggested that each man put up $1 million with the winner taking everything home.

Kyrgios is still yet to respond to the challenge. And though neither man has a boxing background, switching trades to the sweet science would not be a first in Aussie sports.

Ex-rugby stars such as Sonny Bill Wiliams and Paul Gallen have managed to successfully lace up gloves, with notorious Aussie rules footballer Barry Hall also putting two fights together. In their usual day jobs, world number 76 Kyrgios is far ahead of number 418 Tomic in the ATP rankings, but Kyrgios was still reluctant to accept his tennis challenge.

"Let the public see who is better for once and for all," Tomic demanded.

"I've beaten you easy before and I'll do it again. Plus we'll play on grass so you don't make any excuses," he went on.

To this, Kyrgios asked: "Better in what way? I've got a higher career (ranking), more money, more wins and give back whenever I can."

"It's time for BT to just quiet down. He ain't even playing anymore. I got years left," Kyrgio balked.

Unlike other top stars in the men's game, Kyrgios is not at the ongoing French Open after opting to skip the clay season and return home to Australia with his girlfriend so that they can spend "crucial" time with their families.

As confirmed last month, though, he plans to make a comeback at Roland Garros in 2023 with his girlfriend also wishing to see Paris, in what would be his first appearance at the tournament in four years.