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23 May, 2022 13:10

Russian hockey youngster violently attacks two officials (VIDEO)

Tensions flared as the 10-year-old went after the referees
Russian hockey youngster violently attacks two officials (VIDEO)

An ice hockey youngster has made headlines in Russia after launching a violent assault on two officials during a recent game, hitting out at one before attacking the other with his stick.

The shocking scenes unfolded at a tournament in the Sverdlovsk region in the Urals.

According to reports, a young goaltender by the name of Artemi Akshumov was penalized for tripping with around five minutes remaining of a game at a children's tournament in Kurganovo, just outside Ekaterinburg. 

Venting his anger, the young hothead began striking the frame of the goal with his stick.

Artemi's anger increased as he apparently lashed out at an opponent before turning his ire towards the officials, punching one and then going after another and hitting him on the head several times with his stick.

The official attempted to calm the scenes and signaled the end of the game – but the incident was captured on camera and went viral across the Russian internet after being shared on Telegram by former KHL player Nikita Shchitov.

The young goalie’s fury may have been enflamed by the scoreline and his team's performance at the tournament.

Playing for the second team of Ekaterinburg Youth Sports School No. 19, Artemi and his teammates were losing 10-1 at the time of the fracas.

They reportedly finished in last place overall at the event, suffering five defeats and scoring seven goals while conceding 62.

According to Match TV, Artemi racked up 47 penalty minutes during the tournament.