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30 Apr, 2022 16:19

F1 team to probe offensive tweets sent to Lewis Hamilton

McLaren are investigating offensive social media messages aimed at the multiple-time world champion
F1 team to probe offensive tweets sent to Lewis Hamilton

Formula 1 constructor McLaren have launched an investigation into a series of offensive messages which were allegedly sent to world champion driver Lewis Hamilton by a team employee. 

The various messages are understood to have been sent from private Twitter and Facebook accounts which have since been deleted, according to a report by UK tabloid The Sun, and referenced Hamilton at various points throughout his career in motorsport.

What a f***ing w*****" he truly is! Couldn't stand seeing someone do well!” one tweet read which was posted after Hamilton was forced to complete a 10-day isolation period after testing positive for Covid-19.

The unidentified person, who has reportedly been employed by McLaren, also referred to Hamilton as a “f***ing p****” after the seven-time world champion was referenced by the official Formula 1 twitter account.

Another offensive message after Hamilton was knighted in the United Kingdom read: “Oh f*** off! For having the fastest car on the grid. What a w*****.”

The person also appeared to revel in Hamilton's misfortune when he was disqualified from qualification from the Brazilian Grand Prix in November. 

F***ing get in!!! F*** off you p***,” they wrote. 

The series of message were brought to the attention of the McLaren team on Friday, who subsequently indicated that they intend to fully investigate the matter.

A statement issued by them read: “We consider these comments to be completely at odds with our values and culture at McLaren.

We take the matter extremely seriously and are investigating it as a priority.

Hamilton debuted for McLaren in Formula 1 in 2007 and won his first world title just a year later before moving to Mercedes in 2013 - the team at which he has won a further six world titles.

Hamilton requires one more world title to move in front of the legendary Michael Schumacher for the most championships in the history of the sport.