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14 Mar, 2022 13:15

NBA icons baffled by ‘ridiculous’ vaccination rules (VIDEO)

Kevin Durant and LeBron James have questioned the order in New York that has stopped Kyrie Irving from playing in home games – despite being allowed to attend them in person
NBA icons baffled by ‘ridiculous’ vaccination rules (VIDEO)

NBA superstar Kevin Durant has claimed "pretty much everybody in the world" is confused by Covid vaccination rules after Kyrie Irving, his Brooklyn Nets teammate, was allowed to attend a home game but outlawed from playing under laws enforced in New York.

Point guard Irving has been involved in a high-profile row over his decision to remain unvaccinated.

The seven-time NBA All-Star was pictured courtside as the Nets beat the New York Knicks 110-107 at the city's Barclays Center, where he was not allowed to play because businesses still require employees to be vaccinated.

Los Angeles Lakers talisman LeBron James also tweeted that forcing Irving to sit out made "absolutely zero sense". Fans are allowed to attend events without being vaccinated.

"It's ridiculous – I don't understand it at all," said Durant, who embraced the sidelined Irving and criticized New York mayor Eric Adams.

"There are unvaxxed people in this building already. We've got a guy who can come into the building – I guess, are they fearing for our safety? Pretty much everybody in the world is confused at this point."

New York City employers were required to receive proof from staff that they had received a second dose of a recognized Covid vaccine by February 10.

Employees who cannot provide proof of vaccination must be excluded from the workplace unless they are granted an exemption.

Irving has faced controversy over his decision and appeared to be frozen out by the Nets until last December.

The 29-year-old American has not been able to play in home games and has missed away games in states which also require players to have taken Covid shots.

"It literally makes absolutely zero sense," James told his millions of followers on a weekend when he became the first player to record 10,000 assists, rebounds and points in the NBA during the Lakers' 140-111 defeat by the Phoenix Suns.

"They say if common sense was common then we’d all have it. Ain’t that the truth?"

Figures show that there have been almost five million Covid cases and more than 67,000 Covid-related deaths in the city, where more than 77 percent of the population are reported to be fully vaccinated, with 36 percent receiving a booster shot.