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7 Feb, 2022 13:32

Alec Baldwin hails ‘heart-stopping beauty’ of Russian skater’s performance

The US actor and film producer compared the Russian skater to an artist bringing beauty to the world
Alec Baldwin hails ‘heart-stopping beauty’ of Russian skater’s performance

US movie star Alec Baldwin has joined the chorus of admirers who have been charmed by Russian Olympic skater Kamila Valieva.

The 15-year-old prodigy led her team to the first gold medal in figure skating at the Winter Olympics, posting spellbinding performances in both short and free programs.

Valieva’s routine ‘In Memoriam’, which she dedicated to her late grandmother, saw the Russian star labeled one of the most talented and elegant skaters of her generation.


I love the Olympics because the world stands still, even in these crushingly disheartening times, to watch, in awe, as athletes (and artists!) like Kamila Valieva, show us the beauty in this world that is made by one person,” Baldwin wrote on Instagram.

“A song. A poem. A painting. To have dedicated one’s life (in Valieva’s case, a short one thus far) to this artistry.

Thank you, Kamila Valieva, for your gift of heart-stopping beauty to the world,” he added, before deleting the post, apparently due to copyright issues as it contained a video clip from the Olympic competition.

The post didn’t go unnoticed by the skater, who thanked the actor for his kind words.


Valieva’s pencil-straight lines and fascinating choreography have prompted pundits to compare her with the world’s best ballet dancers.

Her amazing technical content and unmatched skating skills have seen her beat her rivals by huge margins.

The holder of several world records, Valieva was separated from Japan’s Kaori Sakamoto by more than 30 points in the team event, despite the Russian skater committing an error on one of her quad jumps in Monday’s free skate routine.

Valieva nonetheless became the first female skater ever to land a quad at the Olympics.  

Valieva’s unrivaled skating has earned praise from fans all over the world, who were enchanted by her talent and artistry.

The skating prodigy will vie for individual gold in Beijing along with her teammates and training partners, Alexandra Trusova and Anna Shcherbakova.