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3 Feb, 2022 09:37

UFC ‘white trash motherf**ker’ denies he is homophobic

Sean Strickland is preparing to headline the UFC's Las Vegas Fight Night event this weekend
UFC ‘white trash motherf**ker’ denies he is homophobic

Middleweight contender Sean Strickland says he will not soften the edges of his abrasive personality as the controversial star prepares for a second UFC main event on Saturday.

Strickland takes on popular Swede Jack Hermansson in the headliner at UFC Fight Night 200 at the Apex in Las Vegas, as both men aim to nudge themselves up the rungs of the 185lbs ladder and into the Top 5 of the division.

For Strickland in particular it’s a chance to continue the momentum he has earned with a five-fight winning streak, but which has been accompanied by increased scrutiny for some of the controversial views he has aired publicly.

The 30-year-old star has said it would make him “feel good” if he killed a rival inside the cage and has also made headlines for some of his comments on the gay community – saying in December that he would have “failed as a man” if he raised a homosexual son.

Speaking to the media ahead of his headline billing this weekend, Strickland denied that he was homophobic but refused to dial down his personality.

“I’m getting to a point where I can say s**t and not get cut from the UFC,” Strickland told MMA Junkie.

“Before, I couldn’t say s**t because Dana White would be like, ‘Hey, go f**k that white trash motherf**ker. Get him out of here.’

“But now, since I’m growing a little bit more like, you know, fan base, people want to watch me fight, I can say a lot more offensive s**t.”

Despite his offhand comments about the community, Strickland said he “loves” gay men.  

“Gay men are awesome. Lesbians, not so much. Lesbians hate me. Lesbians look at me like the guy that hurt them,” said the Anaheim fighter.

“I’m not the guy. I’m not your father. But gay men – gay men look at me like they want to f**k me, and I respect that. You know, they compliment me. They slide in my DMs. I get some d**k pics every now and then. I respect that s**t, so I’m not homophobic.”

Strickland admitted some of his managers and coaches down the years had told him to tone down his comments for fear that they would hold back his career, but the fighter was unapologetic.

“Every coach or manager I ever had, like, ‘Sean, shut up,’” said Strickland, who has proudly earned himself an Instagram ban for some of his comments. 

“‘They’re not going to sign you. Like, shut up. They don’t want that. They want an image.’ Now, I’m just going to be the white trash motherf**ker that I am. It’s nice.”

Strickland continued his unabashed antics at Wednesday’s press conference, claiming the strength in his left jab came from frequent masturbation as he discussed his pornography addiction in an X-rated monologue.

Strickland will aim to shoot his shot when he takes to the main event spotlight on Saturday night in Las Vegas.