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1 Feb, 2022 13:52

German pizzeria served ‘UEFA legal threat’ for unusual reason

UEFA is reported to have issued legal proceedings against a restaurant for having a Champions League-themed pizza on its menu
German pizzeria served ‘UEFA legal threat’ for unusual reason

A German restaurant looks set to swallow the legal wrath of UEFA after reportedly being served up with an official legal complaint after European football's governing body discovered a frozen pizza which supposedly infringes on its copyright.

The dish created by the Pizza Wolke restaurant in Giessen, called 'Champignon League', is said to be the source of UEFA's anger.

The offending meal, which is a mushroom pizza topped with mozzarella, has apparently created consternation in the UEFA HQ for presumed fears that people might confuse it with an officially licensed dish associated with the Champions League brand – despite it literally translating to 'Mushroom League'. 

A letter purporting to be from UEFA to Pizza Wolke was published on social media, which reads in part (via translation): "We would like to inform you that in the present matter we are representing UEFA. Proper authorization is vigorously assured by a lawyer."

German publication SID has since confirmed that the legal threat is legitimate when it contacted UEFA after the initial reports first emerged.

Pizza Wolke, for their part, are amazed that they got UEFA's attention – and suggested that the notoriety surrounding it is invaluable advertising.

German pizzeria served ‘UEFA legal threat’ for unusual reason

"Pizza Wolke Vs. UEFA. Long live the pizza CHAMPI(G)NONS LEAGUE! I feel honored! As a kid of soccer! An advertisement by UEFA? Seriously?" read a post by the restaurant on Instagram, again via translation.

"Just shows me and my gang we definitely on the right track! My gang & I have hit a path and we won't stop until we're in every stomach and baked in every oven at some point! A man! A pizza! Let's see how far UEFA goes! BUY THE WORLD'S HOTTEST MUSHROOM PIZZA, everyone!"

It remains to be seen if Pizza Wolke match up successfully with the legal might of UEFA – but reports online also indicate that the restaurant has gone from strength-to-strength throughout the pandemic.

They diversified their output to include selling frozen pizzas and are now stocked within around 2,000 supermarkets in Germany – with upwards of 200,000 pizzas sold since December 2020. 

Its recent success has seen the company up its production to a massive 7,000 pizzas per day.

But it is just one which has caught UEFA's eye – and it will be interesting to see if Pizza Wolke can stomach a legal showdown or if they serve up some more headaches to the European football giants.