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26 Jan, 2022 09:20

NFL fiancee shocked by backlash for dousing freezing fans in champagne (VIDEO)

The lover of star quarterback Patrick Mahomes could not believe fans were angry at being sprayed with champagne in the cold from a VIP box
NFL fiancee shocked by backlash for dousing freezing fans in champagne (VIDEO)

The outspoken fiancee of NFL superstar Patrick Mahomes has claimed she has been attacked following accusations that she is out of touch after she was shown on camera spraying fans with champagne from a private box following an epic game.

Glamorous Brittany Matthews could not contain her joy as the Kansas City Chiefs secured a last-gasp 42-36 win over the Buffalo Bills at their home Arrowhead Stadium, with Mahomes providing a 64-yard touchdown with little more than a minute to go.

The Bills took the lead with 13 seconds left, only for two completions by Mahomes to put his side within field goal range and Harrison Butker to hit a 49-yarder.

Mahomes then inspired a walk-off touchdown in a classic that left Matthews wailing as she hurriedly opened a bottle of bubbly and unleashed it over the ecstatic mob beneath her.

Matthews seems stunned to have been told that not everyone in the crowd was thrilled to be unexpectedly doused in liquid against the harsh backdrop of winter conditions in Kansas that are regularly sub-zero.

"Don't act like you have the right to spray champagne on random people and families in freezing temperatures and people won't 'attack' you," said one on social media, addressing a high-profile figure known for her regular online rants.

"Common sense isn't that common anymore apparently and if someone did that to you, you'd be livid."

Another said: "What an embarrassment for the Chiefs to have [Matthews and Mahomes] represent them on social media acting like they are in their teens still.

"They are getting more attention then the damn football team. [They] need to have their social media shut down."

Fitness business owner Matthews, who has a child with Mahomes, called the reaction "super-weird".

"I just wish I could do what I want without getting attacked every week," she retorted, receiving a predictably mixed response. "Hate is a very strong word to just be thrown at someone you don’t even know."

The 26-year-old Texan received numerous messages of support. "So many people are clowns," bristled one reporter.

"Brittany is engaged to Mahomes and the mother of his child. They've been together since they were teenagers.

"She's not allowed to be happy when the Chiefs win an unbelievable game? I highly doubt a single KC fan who got some champagne was complaining."

Others argued that Matthews' fizzy exuberance was part of Mahomes' success. "Who do you all think [he] goes home to after playing in these games you all love so much?" asked broadcaster Daisha Jones.

"Who is taking care of and encouraging him? Supporting and lifting him up? It’s [her]. Behind every successful man is a strong woman. Let’s not forget that."

Matthews, Mahomes and the Chiefs are at home again when the Cincinnati Bengals visit in the AFC championship game on January 30.