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11 Jan, 2022 11:00

Wife of NBA icon Curry responds to ‘open marriage’ rumors

The wife of NBA legend Steph Curry has called the gossip 'ridiculous'
Wife of NBA icon Curry responds to ‘open marriage’ rumors

The wife of Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry, Ayesha, has addressed rumors that the couple is in an open relationship, labeling the speculation 'disrespectful'.

Claims circled on gossip blogs in recent weeks and cited an anonymous tip that alleged the Currys aren't monogamous with one another.

On Instagram, however, Ayesha had a chance to set the record straight when a troll commented on a photo she had posted to her 7.5 million followers.

It showed three-time NBA champion Steph looking smart in designer clothing and posing for his GQ magazine cover shoot on a beachfront balcony. 

"Good gracious, God almighty," Ayesha beamed, leaving a pair of red hot and love-heart covered emoji faces.

Down in the comments, however, someone attempted to ruin the fun by writing: "But yet you still want an open relationship, [shaking my head].

"If I were him you would've been sent to the streets already."

"Don't believe everything you read," Ayesha fired back, in a reply which since appears to have been deleted.

"Do you know how ridiculous that is?" the 32-year-old asked.

"Don't disrespect my marriage like that. Please and thank you."

Born in Toronto, Ayesha, who has established her own career as a cooking show host, met Curry at a church youth group when they were both at high school in North Carolina.

Marrying on July 30, 2011, they celebrated their 10-year anniversary last summer and have three children together: three-year-old son Canon plus six- and nine-year-old daughters Ryan and Riley.

Collectively, the Currys are known as the 'First Family of the NBA' with Steph's brother Seth also a basketballer who plays for the Philadelphia 76ers and their sister Sydel a former college volleyball star who is married to Steph's Golden State teammate Damion Lee.

The patriarch of the clan, Dell, of course got their foot in the door in the sport, and enjoyed a 10-year stint with the Charlotte Hornets where he became their all-time leader in points (9,839) and successful three-point field goals (929).

In August last year, however, he and Steph's mother Sonya announced they were getting divorced after 33 years of marriage.