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5 Jan, 2022 11:12

Boxing bombshell cites Pfizer jab ‘boob effect’ with chesty selfie

Australian boxer Ebanie Bridges has made light of a supposed side effect of the Pfizer jab by sharing a revealing image on social media
Boxing bombshell cites Pfizer jab ‘boob effect’ with chesty selfie

Aussie boxing sensation Ebanie ‘Blonde Bomber’ Bridges has poked fun at reports that the Pfizer jab has led to breast enlargement among some women by posting a close-up look at her own chest to fans online.

Bridges is rapidly becoming one of the best-known faces (and bodies) in the female fight game, and not only because of her actions inside the ring.

The Aussie, 35, turns heads with her skimpy weigh-in outfits and frequently shares images of her ample curves to her thousands of fans on social media.

Among Bridges’ latest offerings was a selfie taken in a car where she shows off her chest.

The text in the Tweet contained a reference to the Covid jab, reading “Damn Pfizer” and the abbreviation “IYKYK” (if you know, you know).

It soon became clear that Bridges was citing reports that the Pfizer jab has led to women’s breasts growing.

Indeed, one fan brought up a news article from July of last year titled “Women are claiming ‘boobs get bigger’ after having Pfizer jab.”

“Not gonna lie, I feel like my boobs are huge lately… must be from the jab, all starting to make sense,” Bridges wrote.

Some women have indeed reported breast growth as a side effect of the vaccine from the US-based pharmaceutical giant, leading to it being dubbed “the Pfizer boob job.”

However, as explained by medical professionals, any growth in the breast area after getting the jab is likely a temporary result of swelling in the lymph nodes.

“I don’t think Pfizer is that powerful,” one fan joked in the comments, to which Bridges replied with a laughing emoji.

Bridges enjoyed a breakout in 2021, challenging for the WBA women’s bantamweight title in a 10-round war with Shannon Courtenay which she lost via unanimous decision.

The Aussie bounced back with consecutive wins to close the year and improve her professional record to seven wins in eight fights.

Bridges has already vowed to “go into 2022 the same way I entered 2021, not giving a f**k what people think.”

She made headlines when images from her racy 2022 calendar fell foul of Instagram rules after apparently being reported by ‘trolls’.

“OK the trolls / haters are winning TBH. Eh keep reporting my pic. I can't re-post my pic. Last thing I wanna do is lose my account,” Bridges hit out afterwards.

But elsewhere, the blonde bombshell pledged to continue her quest to unashamedly bring a touch of glamor the ring, vowing: “'I took the hits and the bullets and I survived the attacks to now make it easier for other women who also choose to be feminine and show their beauty whilst still being a beast, and hopefully they don’t get slayed as much as I did.

“I built my own brand that will continue to grow and hopefully inspired many others, not only women but EVERYONE.”