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24 Dec, 2021 18:08

‘Last Christmas’ meets ‘Squid Game’: Russian football team releases brilliant festive track (VIDEO)

‘Last Christmas’ meets ‘Squid Game’: Russian football team releases brilliant festive track (VIDEO)

Russian Premier League team Rubin Kazan have released their latest festive singalong, featuring manager Leonid Slutsky and players including South Korean star Hwang In-Beom crooning to ‘Last Christmas’.

Rubin have become viral sensations for their quirky social media content in recent years, including a rendition of Mariah Carey classic ‘All I Want for Christmas’ by manager Slutsky and the team last December.

This time round the club’s international ensemble of stars have given their version of Wham! classic ‘Last Christmas’.

Released just in time for Christmas and New Year, the tune features players crooning in a range of their native languages.

A particular highlight is a Squid Game-themed segment from South Korean star Hwang.

Concluding the song is former Russian national team boss Slutsky.

The 50-year-old tinkles the ivories before giving an inimitable rendition which would surely have raised a smile from the late George Michael himself.

Fans online were loving the clip, with the Russian Football News Twitter account writing: “Leonid Slutsky is a full Christmas mood. What a man.”

“He rocked Mariah's song last year. And at it again. This guy needs to release an album,” wrote one fan.

Responding to Hwang’s unique segment, one person replied: “Oh my days, get it Hwang.”

The video was still picking up traction in the hours after being shared on social media, but judging by last year’s effort Rubin could have another festive smash hit on their hands.