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22 Dec, 2021 16:51

Baseball umpire axed after abusing fans, being hauled off field (VIDEO)

Baseball umpire axed after abusing fans, being hauled off field (VIDEO)

A baseball umpire who was accused of being drunk when he made obscene gestures at fans and argued with officials has been fired, with league bosses issuing an apologetic statement.

The umpire, named as Humberto Sainz by some of the outlets sharing the swiftly-circulating footage, caused a game to be delayed in Mexico when he repeatedly raised his middle finger to fans.

Another man made his way onto the field to speak to Sainz, who appeared to sway and attempt an embrace as he spoke.

Several other figures eventually helped to escort Sainz from the field of play, with footage from another angle seeming to show him raising his finger to supporters while officiating near players.

Spanish media outlet Beisbolpuro said Sainz was removed from the stadium by police, according to the New York Post.

The outlet also reportedly said that Sainz was sanction for "arguing with his fellow umpires, managers and players" and offering "obscene gestures to the public".

Disgraced Sainz later appeared to have apologized for his actions on social media.

In a statement, the Mexican Pacific League announced that Sainz had been suspended indefinitely.

“In the [league], we always seek to enhance our values ​​as an institution, for which we strongly condemn the events that occurred on the night... at the Teodoro Mariscal Stadium in Mazatlan,” it said.

“Due to this, it has been decided to indefinitely separate the umpire who starred in this unfortunate event from his position, reinforcing the measures so that situations like this do not recur on and off the field of play with our officials.

“In the [league], we regret this situation and offer an apology to the institutions that make up our organization, the media and our great fans."

Some onlookers saw the funny side. "These photos belong in the hall of fame," said one account which shared snaps of Sainz standing solemnly with his finger raised.

Others took the matter more seriously. "What an image reaching other places," said one critic.

"And they justify it with, 'he showed his human side like everyone else and was wrong as a human being.' Well, I know countless people who don't come to their jobs drunk."