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15 Dec, 2021 10:19

Hockey player dies from cardiac arrest after passing out during game

Hockey player dies from cardiac arrest after passing out during game

Hockey league bosses have announced that a player who fell ill on the bench during a game died on his way to hospital after suffering a cardiac arrest in the ambulance.

Sarmations player Alexander Frolov was on the sidelines during a match in the Russian amateur Night Hockey League (NHL) when he suddenly fell ill and fainted, organizers announced.

Doctors and medics attempted to resuscitate Frolov during his ordeal while the game against the Crimean Wolves was taking place.

He was on his way to an intensive care unit when he died because of a heart problem.

"The league offers condolences to the family and friends of the deceased player," the NHL's general director, Alexei Kasatonov, told Tass of the 63-year-old's death.

“Despite the fact that our tournament has amateur status, we take all measures to ensure safety, including in the medical [aspect].

"According to the regulations, no player is allowed to compete without passing a medical examination.

"A first aid team was present at the match. Moreover, according to the regulations, doctors are required to be present at all matches of the tournament.

"In this particular case, an ambulance team was also on duty in the arena. All precautions were taken by the organizer."

Kasatonov urged players to pay careful attention to their physical condition before participating.

"As a league, we always advocate that players pay special attention to health and physical fitness issues," he said, adding that bosses publish information to help players.

"Any athlete, whether he is an amateur or a professional, should pay great attention to this – especially at an older age."

President Vladimir Putin helped to found the popular all-Russian league in 2011.