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25 Nov, 2021 13:06

US waging campaign to disrupt Beijing Olympics – Russian Foreign Ministry official

US waging campaign to disrupt Beijing Olympics – Russian Foreign Ministry official

America is attempting to undermine the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing through “political and information” campaigns, according to the Russian Foreign Ministry’s spokeswoman.

“The United States constantly, on a regular basis, on far-fetched pretexts is taking actions and organizing information and political campaigns aimed at undermining, disrupting, and complicating the holding of the Olympic Games [in China],” Maria Zakharova was quoted as saying at a Thursday press conference in Moscow.


US President Joe Biden confirmed earlier this month that he was considering a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Games in protest at China’s human rights track record.

Russian officials have consistently said they are against politicizing sport – a stance Zakharova doubled down on.

“We have a principled position: we oppose the politicization of holding the Olympic Games anywhere, and, of course, this position applies to the Games in China,” she said.

Regarding the countries that are often targeted by US actions, the Foreign Ministry spokeswoman added that it was evident that they were ones which didn’t toe the American line.  

“Apparently, these are the countries that do not obey the commands from Washington. Russia, by its own example, has undergone similar information campaigns,” said Zakharova.

It was reported earlier on Thursday that Australian officials were awaiting the decision by Biden on a potential US boycott, and that they could possibly follow suit.

The Beijing Games get underway on February 4 and run until February 20. They will be followed by the Winter Paralympics in March.