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24 Nov, 2021 13:52

MMA fighter arrested after ‘biting man’s testicles’

MMA fighter arrested after ‘biting man’s testicles’

Amateur MMA fighter Donovan Salvato has been arrested for allegedly biting the testicles of his roommate following an argument between the pair of men, according to reports.

Salvato, who boasts a 3-1 record, was held in Nashville's Metro Jail in Tennessee for 12 hours.

Police claimed that his victim, Abel Sosa, a photographer, suffered a laceration of 2.5 inches on his scrotum in addition to multiple bruises, a busted lip and head swelling following their altercation.

Salvato was charged with domestic assault with bodily injury.

According to the affidavit, the argument was triggered following a disagreement over Salvato lodging at Sosa's address but not having his name on the lease.

Blows were landed by Salvato to Sosa's body and head before he went downtown and allegedly bit through his roommate's pants to his testicles. 

But Salvato has since claimed that Sosa's injuries are the product of the men grappling in the property's living room and bumping into furniture and other items.

In the aftermath of the incident, Sosa has spoken about the fracas in good humor on social media

"If you know this individual, do not trust your nuts around him," he warned in the caption to a photo of Salvato. 

"Literally the evidence I will be using in court is a piece of skin that he managed to rip from my testicles."

"I received three stitches at the VA hospital and multiple injections to prevent dental infection from spreading, right on veterans day. I should have good ol' Marine Corp [and] eye gouged the son of a b*tch. But so focused on maintaining control, [I] never threw a punch. Victories are won with composure," ex-serviceman Sosa claimed.

"I need to write a book, or something about some of these stories I’ve encountered. Who can clearly say they got their testicles bit by a professional MMA fighter during a fight? I’ll wait…." Sosa went on.

"Nashville can be so wild that I’ve encountered more danger here than overseas to an extent."

"If I do write a book about my nuts being bit, just know it will be one of those where the end starts at the beginning with a rewind so everyone can immediately get a mouthful first take!" he concluded.

Elsewhere, Sosa joked that he as "99 problems and my left nut is one".

As for Salvato, he was last seen in action losing a decision to Jamie Vasquez at Johnathan Ivey's Cage Fighting Championships 8 in July last year.