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24 Oct, 2021 15:11

Toe-curling: Man Utd icon Scholes mocked for biting daughter’s toenails in bizarre ‘True Love’ video

Toe-curling: Man Utd icon Scholes mocked for biting daughter’s toenails in bizarre ‘True Love’ video

Manchester United legend Paul Scholes has been widely-mocked online, after his daughter shared a bizarre video which showed him biting her toenails in an act that she claimed showed 'True Love' between the pair.

Finally retiring in 2013 after two decades in the Red Devils' first team, Scholes is now making a name for himself as a pundit. 

Though often thought of as biased, he has also earned plaudits for giving blunt assessments of his former club's performances – as seen after a 3-2 win over Atalanta in the Champions League midweek where the home side were often played off the park at Old Trafford.

On the eve of a clash between United and bitter rivals Liverpool, however, Scholes had made headlines not for comments on the fixture, but instead for a bizarre video that daughter Alicia shared to social media.

With 63,000 followers, the 20-year-old netball player is popular on Instagram and caused a stir with a story on Saturday.

Using the caption 'True Love', the clip showed ex-midfielder Scholes once complimented by the likes of Xavi Hernandez and Zinedine Zidane as an all-time great biting her toenails, adopting a popular technique some parents use on young kids as an alternative to nail clippers.

Predictably, ridicule ensued for the 46-year-old. 

"Paul Scholes: Class of ninety toe," quipped one quick thinker, in a nod to the famous 1992 academy graduation set including Gary Neville and David Beckham which went on to win various Premier League titles and the Champions League. 

"I'm envious of anyone who hasn't seen that Paul Scholes video," said someone who didn't approve, though, joined by another who remarked they wished they could "unsee" the action.

"Think it’s time we take him out of the Gerrard/ Lampard debate after that one," was another wisecrack, in relation who the greatest English midfield maestro of all time is.

"What the hell is he doing?" asked a separate party, bluntly.