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‘Oh no baby’: Conor McGregor pal Dillon Danis ‘goaded from behind camera as MMA fighter arrested in struggle with police’ (VIDEO)

‘Oh no baby’: Conor McGregor pal Dillon Danis ‘goaded from behind camera as MMA fighter arrested in struggle with police’ (VIDEO)
MMA bad boy Dillon Danis has reportedly landed himself in legal trouble after a video emerged on social media of the Conor McGregor associate appearing to be contained by police and then later handcuffed and taken into custody.

The footage was uploaded on Monday with the incident believed to have taken place outside the Beachcomber Bar and Grill in Seaside Heights, New Jersey last weekend.

Additionally, an alleged mug shot of Danis has also popped up on the internet, with the Seaside Heights Police Department not yet responding to requests for comment from news outlet MMA Junkie

In the video, Danis is seen sporting a brace on his right leg, and a woman is heard saying "Oh no, baby" sarcastically laughing as Danis is hauled off by law enforcement.

Though the former Bellator fighter, who nurses a 2-0 pro record but hasn't fought since 2019, didn't comment on the incident directly on any of his social media profiles, he left a defiant "You need people like me" on Twitter.

This is both a nod to the 1980s crime drama Scarface, whose main character Tony Montana played by Al Pacino goes off on a rant at the public in a Miami restaurant, with Danis also changing his cover picture to a shot of the famous scene.

But it is also identical to a similar post McGregor made following his leg break and defeat to Dustin Poirier at UFC 264.

Then, the Irishman similarly fired a series of barbs at his rival and wife in a fiery post-fight interview, and Danis also has no shortage of enemies including former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping, whom he has regularly attacked online.

Danis has received his fair share of mockery, with one account uploading his alleged mugshot and detailing that he "got arrested last night for trying to impersonate an MMA Fighter".

"What do you even do for a living anymore?," Danis was asked of his lack of activity in the octagon and general shenanigans.

"You're not as important as you think. You're not," someone else told him.

And separately, as his bleached blonde hair cut was also ripped, another party reminded him of the 'L's', he had been taking in life recently which includes his legal troubles, images of purported ex-girlfriend Savannah Montano with a different man, and teammate McGregor's leg snap.

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