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3 Sep, 2021 12:32

Russian president Putin is ‘cool as f*ck’, NBA icon Rodman reveals as he hails ‘hot-ass’ Russian women, Kim Jong-un, Donald Trump

Russian president Putin is ‘cool as f*ck’, NBA icon Rodman reveals as he hails ‘hot-ass’ Russian women, Kim Jong-un, Donald Trump

NBA legend Dennis Rodman has revealed his love for Russian women and admiration for "cool as f*ck" president Vladimir Putin.

Basketball great Rodman has revealed his playboy antics and claimed he saw dozens of beautiful women on a trip to Russia "a couple of years ago" when he says he met Putin, who he regards as a personal friend.

Rodman, who first met huge sports fan Putin in 2014, has lauded "hot-ass Russians" in a country he clearly enjoys visiting.

"Who's the most impressive girl I think I pulled?" Rodman pondered, when asked by Full Send about his greatest conquests over the decades.

"Russian girls are hot as f*ck, man – hottest girls in the world.

"I was with president Putin in Russia. Putin, he's cool as f*ck."

Five-time NBA champion and two-time All-Star Rodman has an enviable contacts list. The 60-year-old's best-known link to power is Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader who Putin met in a series of summits in 2019 and later awarded a World War Two memorial medal.

Despite his often-stern exterior, Rodman is known to have witnessed the lighter side of the country's Supreme Leader.

"He never talked sh*t about anyone – he just wanted to have fun," Rodman said of Kim, having once played in a star-filled exhibition game to mark the Workers' Party supremo's birthday and visited a karaoke bar with him.

"He wanted to go skiing, he wanted to go jet-skiing. He did everything. I saw him in Singapore – he was going around taking pictures because he'd never done it before.

"I've met president Moon [Jae-in] of South Korea – he's cool but the people hate his guts."

Not done with those huge political names, Rodman spoke about his close relationship with former US president Donald Trump, but said the notoriously hard-nosed businessman had been reduced to resembling a "baby" during a seminar with Kim in Singapore.

"Donald Trump was chasing his ass the whole time," recalled Rodman, who dismissed the idea that he could have been deployed as an intermediary between the two men.

"Trump had been talking about this [his landmark summit with Kim in 2018] for years – since the 1990s.

"I think he just wanted to prove to the world that he could probably combine the two countries together."

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