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6 Aug, 2021 18:32

Boxing boss Hearn desperately tries not to sneak peek at 'Blonde Bomber' Bridges in lingerie weigh-in (VIDEO)

Boxing boss Hearn desperately tries not to sneak peek at 'Blonde Bomber' Bridges in lingerie weigh-in (VIDEO)

Boxing boss Eddie Hearn had fans in stitches on Friday when caught trying his hardest not a sneak a peek at 'Blonde Bomber' Ebanie Bridges, who stripped down to her lingerie at the weigh-in for an upcoming fight.

Trying to get her 5-1 career back on track after losing a spirited WBA bantamweight title bout against Shannon Courtenay via unanimous decision last time out, Bridges will take on Bec Connolly at the Matchroom Headquarters in the UK this weekend.

Completing the customary weigh-in the day before fight night, the Aussie came down to the scales dressed as comic book character Harley Quinn before stripping down to her leopard-themed underwear.

A happily married father-of-two, the promotion's head Hearn could be seen doing his best not to set his eyes on the Aussie stunner, with Bridges later seeing the funny side of it too.

"Best meme wins," Bridges challenged her 69k followers on Twitter, tagging Hearn in a photo of him looking up above and anywhere but the 34-year-old's direction.

"Think unsexy thoughts, think unsexy thoughts," one fan chose.

"Do I need to put mirrors on the ceiling?" was another's choice. 

"I'm just gonna look up here and think about what I'm gonna have for tea. Hmm thighs, chicken thighs. Where am I again?," said someone else.

Returning to social media later, Bridges quipped: "Think me and Eddie Hearn broke the internet again today.

"However he missed a great outfit today inspecting the ceiling I must say."

After wowing punters once again on the scales, Bridges has promised a knockout of her foe tomorrow. 

"Bec always comes out strong and fast, and I’m a bit similar," Bridges explained this week.

"I feel like it’s going to be a heated fight because we both like to get into a scrap, but I’m not going to get drawn into a firefight if I can just box her.

"I’m definitely going for the stoppage, and she’s not somebody who really gets stopped, particularly at 118lbs which would be the lighter side."