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23 Jul, 2021 18:07

Miss Bum Bum, crazy football fan & Lionel Messi devotee, has anal tattoo on OnlyFans in honor of star winning Copa America (VIDEO)

Miss Bum Bum, crazy football fan & Lionel Messi devotee, has anal tattoo on OnlyFans in honor of star winning Copa America (VIDEO)

Suzy Cortez, the 2019 Miss Bum Bum winner in Brazil, where Lionel Messi won the Copa America with Argentina earlier this month, has honored the occasion by showing off a freshly-inked anal tattoo on subscription site OnlyFans.

Megastar Messi achieved the feat he had spent his entire remarkable career craving when he won the most prestigious international tournament in his homeland, helping Argentina to beat the hosts 1-0 in Rio de Janeiro to lift his first major trophy with his country almost 16 years after debuting for them.

The momentous nature of the victory was clearly not lost on self-declared fitness model, TV host and businesswoman Cortez, who has decided to pay tribute by commissioning a tattoo artist to create an intimate new artwork in an area that the more squeamish of football fans might not contemplate.

"I said I would get a tattoo in honor of the first title of the all-time best Messi with Argentina," Cortez told her hundreds of thousands of social media followers. "Promise fulfilled."

The skin-baring exhibitionist kept the exact nature of the depiction secret from non-subscribers to her account on the platform, which is predominantly used by models to share adult content with paying audiences.

She promised to give viewers a glimpse of the work in exchange for signing up, charging devotees desperate to see the finished piece around $5 a month for a package described as providing "full access" to "explicit content, videos and pictures".

Anyone curious but unwilling to pay up could still see Cortez throwing back her head and wincing in a tiny outfit on the tattoo table, growling "oh my god" while the gloved artist carried out his work on the backside she had presented to his face.

Presumably for ease of access, Cortez opted to wear a tiny outfit including a thong, bra and thigh-high boots.

Occasional freestyle footballer Cortez was clearly overjoyed when Messi lifted the title, even traveling to the match in person to cheer him on in a typically skimpy outfit including a thong and long white boots.

Cavorting outside the Maracana Stadium while standing outside the team bus before and after the showdown, she claimed that "two bottles of water from my bath and my presence" gave Messi "great luck" against a Brazil team containing the likes of Paris playmaker Neymar and playing on home soil.

"Brazil can have five World Cups and were lucky enough that in none of them they crossed paths with Argentina," she said, adding that Messi deserved "all the golden balls".

"In 1990, we eliminated you from the World Cup," she said. "In 2014, we [almost won, losing 1-0 in extra-time] in the final against the rival [Germany] who humiliated you [7-1] at home.

"And in '21 we won the final at your house. Hahaha – I kept crying.

"Messi was distinctly relieved and obviously happy. He deserved a title for the team. Argentina won the Copa America title and Messi was surely the best player.

"I was lucky to see the first title of the greatest player of all time with his country."

Although Cortez calls Messi the "king of kings" and has pledged to love him "for all eternity" as "my greatest football idol", the pin-up has also frequently donned an England shirt in the last month.

"I'm very happy not only that I bet $100,000 [on England] and that I'm going to win $500,000, but also that I have a lot of friends in London who love football and have never seen their team be champions," she said after England beat Denmark to reach the final of Euro 2020 earlier this month.

"From the beginning, I was sure that England would be Euro 2020 champions. I'm sure [England striker] Raheem Sterling will be named best player at Euro 2020 and England will be champions and I also think he will compete for the [Ballon d'Or] with Lionel Messi."

Cortez said she was heading to London to claim her hefty purported windfall for England's victory, adding that they were going to "massacre" Italy in the aftermath of Luke Shaw's early opening goal, which she seemed to have watched on television.

After England fell just short, losing to the Azzurri in the final on penalties, Cortez naturally told them to take inspiration from her hero.

"The greatest player in history [Messi] took almost 18 years to win a title with Argentina," she told any heartbroken England supporters among her fanbase of more than 463,000 on Instagram, where she curiously appears not to follow Messi.

"I say England, don't give up in 2020. You will have another chance to bring football home – FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022."

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