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5 Jul, 2021 18:27

‘There’s no drugs’: Manager defends UFC fighter Agapova after rival Moroz makes claims of abuse and wild behavior

‘There’s no drugs’: Manager defends UFC fighter Agapova after rival Moroz makes claims of abuse and wild behavior

UFC star Mariya Agapova's manager has defended his client after allegations were made about her behavior by fellow MMA fighter Marya Moroz at the weekend, insisting that she is now on the mend after seeking help.

In a recent interview with MMA Vestnik, Ukrainian fighter Maryna Moroz accused Agapova of being turfed out of their American Top Team gym after bizarre and dangerous behavior.

"She says, 'I don’t have money for food, I don’t have this. Oh, help,'" Moroz began.

"She wrecked her car in a drugged state. All in all, a very interesting person.

"She got kicked out of two gyms, and at American Top Team she threatened the guys, and it was caught on camera.

"She was under the influence of drugs, she threatened the guys, and she was kicked out of the gym. Because she was threatening to stab [people] and so forth," Moroz went on.

"[She] also stalked the wife of a fighter, who is pregnant — she also threatened to stab [her]. In general, the police called her four times already here. She broke the doors. And that’s it — Mariya Agapova, the UFC junkie...

"And when the coach said that I needed to stand in a pair with her, I replied that I could not work with her — she was insane. She behaves inappropriately.

"She can swing her elbow to hit you, then say 'Oh, I’m sorry. I don’t understand.’ [She's ] just an inadequate person.

"And yes: she was kicked out of the gym because she behaved inappropriately," Moroz added.

Defending his fighter, however, Agapova’s manager Alex Davis sent a statement to MMA Fighting.

"Mariya went through some difficult moments," he admitted of the 24-year-old.

"She was all alone [in the US], but now she’s been through therapy, she’s much better and she’s already training for a fight. It had nothing to do with drugs. Absolutely nothing."

"This is Mariya’s private life that we’re not going to make an issue to make her private life public. She came to the States from Kazakhstan, she went through some difficult moments, she had some crises, she got therapy, she’s doing very, very well now.

"She’s already training for a fight. There’s no drugs. It has nothing to do with it," David doubled-down, before signing off.

And while he didn't confirm that Agapova has left the iconic American Top Team gym which has been home to thoroughbreds such as Amanda Nunes and Tyron Woodley, it appears that she's trained with former welterweight title challenger Colby Covington's MMA Masters since at least May.