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7 Jun, 2021 11:49

‘We live in hell’: Paul branded ‘complete joke’ over Pokemon card worth $150k as ‘bank robber’ Mayweather backs OnlyFans (VIDEO)

‘We live in hell’: Paul branded ‘complete joke’ over Pokemon card worth $150k as ‘bank robber’ Mayweather backs OnlyFans (VIDEO)

Logan Paul has been mocked for wearing a Pokemon card that he estimated was worth $1 million around his neck to his bout with Floyd Mayweather – and his opponent opted for a cap bearing the logo of adult content platform OnlyFans.

Baffled viewers asked what Paul was promoting as he was spotted sporting the extremely rare first edition depiction of a Charizard animation from the video game, which has spun off into a highly lucrative trading card series that the YouTube loudmouth has described as a better investment than luxury cars.

Lady-loving boxing great Mayweather, meanwhile, chose a cap branded with the symbol of the subscription platform, which is synonymous with models producing racey content and was used by the veteran to describe his enterprise, 'Girl Collection', as "the best strip club in Las Vegas" ahead of his eight-round exhibition with Paul.

"Floyd really walked into that sh*t with a leather OnlyFans snapback," boggled one viewer, as others pointed out that Paul had paid $150,000 for the card – small change in the scheme of what he sees as a sound business decision made before a payday in which he is thought to have earned around $20 million.

"Did paul just flash a Charizard?" asked a less impressed observer. "We live in hell."

Internet sensation Paul produced a YouTube video about the card for his vast audience of more than 23 million subscribers last year, earning more than 10 million views as he documented his journey to successfully bargain with the man who previously owned the card, named as Gary.

Visiting Vegas with a stack of cash, Paul admitted at the time that the escapade was "kind of embarrassing".

He has since produced further videos claiming that he has spent more than $2 million on the cards and opening a box of them that he said was worth $1 million on its own.

Speaking after his stunt showdown with unbeaten Mayweather, precocious Paul called the card "my prized possession".

“I mean now, sh*t – this is a million-dollar card, baby," the 26-year-old speculated.

"This is the card I walked out [with] to the Floyd Mayweather fight. This is a million-dollar card.

"It’s one of three in the world. It is my prized possession.

"Ever since I got this graded at a ten, the momentum in my life has been crazy. It’s my good luck charm.”

Notoriously cash-hungry Mayweather also used his post-fight comments to discuss his taste for financial manifestation.

"Legalized bank robbing – I'm the best," he explained, reflecting on a night when he raked in a staggering amount of money while barely breaking sweat.

"I changed my name from 'Pretty Boy Floyd' to 'Money Mayweather'. I started making money."

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