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29 May, 2021 15:52

‘I’m coming for you’: Game of Thrones behemoth Thor threatens to KO rival Eddie Hall again after ‘throwing bombs’ in boxing match

‘I’m coming for you’: Game of Thrones behemoth Thor threatens to KO rival Eddie Hall again after ‘throwing bombs’ in boxing match

Hard-hitting hulk Thor Bjornsson has issued another ominous warning to the fellow giant he will meet in the ring later this year, threatening Eddie Hall after facing former Commonwealth Games champ Simon Vallily in a tune-up bout.

Vast former world’s strongest man winner Bjornsson continued his course into the boxing world with a tussle against Vallily in Dubai, seeing his  reactions tested as much as his fearsome strength during an eventful fight in Dubai.

That should put Bjornsson in good stead when he takes on English nemesis Hall in September, facing the phenomenal powerhouse in a showdown that is being dubbed ‘The Heaviest Boxing Match in History’.

Bjornsson and Vallily were said to have been “extremely respectful” of each other after trying to knock each other into oblivion, although the same cannot be said of the rookie’s attitude towards Hall, with whom he exchanged barbs as they competed against each other for the world deadlifting record.

“Eddie Hall, you better be training because I’m coming for you and I’m knocking you out,” promised blustering Bjornsson. “I respect you as an athlete but I’m going to knock you out. See you soon.

“Simon was a good opponent for me and it was good to test my chin, as well as my ability to fight in the ring with a professional.

“He gave me some good shots that landed well, so thanks to him for coming here for this exhibition.”

Looking lean, sharp and focused in training clips and photos posted to social media, the resounding questions revolve around whether sheer muscle and might will translate to sporting excellence when Bjornsson and Hall step inside a setting that remains relatively unknown to them in a pursuit of new sporting heights.

“I was happy with my performance,” said Bjornson. “I’ve dedicated my life to boxing my training three times a day, and I have huge respect for the sport.

“It’s mind-boggling how difficult this is. I come from a sport where you don’t need a lot of endurance, but this is testing not only my physical abilities but my mental abilities.

“I’m full time boxing right now and absolutely loving it. Thanks for everybody who came out here tonight and thanks to all of the people watching at home.”

Vallily said: “Credit to Thor. I saw his last fight and since then he has put in a lot of work and definitely proved. He has got a lot of potential.

“He was awkward and a big lump, and when he was getting physical you can feel the difference, definitely.”

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