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15 May, 2021 16:52

‘Cringe’: Unimpressed viewers slam Covid vaccine video backed by football in UK government campaign ahead of FA Cup final (VIDEO)

‘Cringe’: Unimpressed viewers slam Covid vaccine video backed by football in UK government campaign ahead of FA Cup final (VIDEO)

A clip urging the public to take Covid-19 vaccines, released ahead of the FA Cup final between Chelsea and Leicester and namechecking Man United's Harry Maguire, has been panned by viewers, with some labeling it "vomit-inducing".

In a short film featuring the likes of former Premier League manager Harry Redknapp and Sky Sports pundit Chris Kamara, the best defenders of the 2020/2021 season so far are chosen, with the jab for immunization against Covid-19 coming out on top.

Ex-West Ham and Tottenham boss Redknapp, who was once considered a strong candidate for the England job, decided to compare Manchester United captain Harry Maguire to the vaccine as part of the curious campaign backed by UK government officials.

"Maguire's defense might be pretty good but the jab is better," he suggested. "I'd encourage everyone to take up the offer of the vaccine when they are called.

"I've now had both my vaccines – they were so simple and I didn't even feel them. It's no pain but plenty to gain. The NHS [National Health Service] has done a fantastic job of rolling out the vaccine and it's amazing that we're starting to see the results.

Contributing what his employers called an "impassioned speech", Kamara admitted that he couldn't wait to see 20,000 people watch the showpiece at Wembley as part of a restricted crowd as public health measures continue to ease in England.

"It's incredible that we've come this far in the pandemic and that the successful rollout of the vaccine programme has led to this moment," the former Leeds and Sheffield United midfielder gushed.

"I would encourage anyone who is offered the jab to step forward to take it - I already have and it was so easy.

"It's the best way back to doing the things we love – not least getting back to watching football the way we know it."

UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock thanked the cast, who also included former England women's forward Eniola Aluko, Nottingham Forest manager Chris Hughton, ex-England striker Carlton Cole and presenter Jules Breach.

"When offered, it's vital people book in their jab – they truly are our greatest defence against Covid-19 and will help us get even more fans back watching the sports they love," 

Despite its attempt to encourage the public to become vaccinated, the campaign appears to have backfired in some quarters, enduring substantial criticism online. 

Some called the cast "mugs" and "cringe", as one critic said that it reminded him of scammers while another said: "Football pundits – are they relevant to this?"

One viewer wrote: "It's just like the so-called government information film on TV: vomit-inducing propaganda."

Another asked: "Why oh why do we constantly need a barrage of D-list celebrities to promote an idea to us?

"We are not all stupid. Most of us, bizarrely, can make up our minds about what we do without listening to this patronizing twittage."

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