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NFL Draft star Zach Wilson’s mom causes Twitter frenzy upon son’s move to New York Jets

NFL Draft star Zach Wilson’s mom causes Twitter frenzy upon son’s move to New York Jets
Being the second overall pick in the 2021 NFL draft should have been enough for Zach Wilson to make headlines. After fans caught a glimpse of his mother Lisa, however, she stole them and caused a Twitter frenzy among fans.

Rising to prominence as a star quarterback at Brigham Young University, Wilson will now be the newest shotcaller for the struggling New York Jets.

"I’m going to give it everything I have. There’s not another team I’d want to play for besides the Jets," the 21-year-old told the NFL Network after the move was confirmed.

"I’m going to give it everything I have and we’re gonna be a special team, baby. We’re going for the Super Bowl," he vowed.

But while being selected by one of professional football's biggest franchises is usually reason enough to go viral on the social media platform, Wilson caused a Twitter frenzy for reasons other than signing for the Jets, or his bold statements. 

Put simply, fans online couldn't control themselves after catching a glimpse of the player's mother Lisa, who enjoyed an emotional moment with her boy once it became clear he was heading for the Big Apple. 

"Zach Wilson's mom will be trending on Twitter in no less than two minutes" one Nostradamus claimed, and should have put money on his prediction as it turned out to be bang on. 

"Welcome to New York, Zach Wilson’s mom," came a classier-than-most appraisal, as another accused the cameraman of using a huge lens to zoom in on Lisa and she was simultaneously declared "the real MVP of this draft so far"

Elsewhere, it was admitted that a punter couldn't tell if she was his girlfriend or mother, such is her youthful beauty.

"Zach Wilson’s mom had SIX kids. Bless her. She looks amazing," said a female admirer echoing this sentiment. 

With a rising 10k followers set to increase as enthusiasts track her down on Instagram, Lisa describes herself as a "fitness fanatic, intuitive cook, home builder, organizer of all sh*t, [and] appropriately inappropriate".

Her feed doesn't exactly live up to the last part of that statement, but is still a touching collection of family photos plus healthy eating and exercise tips. 

Clearly proud of her six "badass" children, Lisa's love is reciprocated by a proud budding superstar who previously described her as "my biggest supporter and one of the only people who believed in me when nobody else did" on Mother's Day.

"Love you to the moon and back," Wilson signed off.

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