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‘A woman can post whatever she wants!’ UFC’s Megan Anderson takes on toxic ‘she asked for it’ trolls

‘A woman can post whatever she wants!’ UFC’s Megan Anderson takes on toxic ‘she asked for it’ trolls
UFC featherweight Megan Anderson has taken on toxic Twitter trolls who sensationally accused her of ‘cancel culture’ when she retorted to vile sexist abuse criticizing her appearance and blaming her for the hate.

Australian featherweight Anderson responded to a tweet that labeled her a “HORSE FACE” and poked fun at her being perceived as sexually unattractive by the user, who purported to represent a ‘normal guy’.

The troll wrote: "Megan Anderson: HORSE FACE. Sean O'Malley: GOAT. I'm a normal guy and wouldn't hook up with this horse. Can't believe Casey actually said he would, given if she was the last call. She can't take a punch or a joke!"

Disgusted at the unwarranted abuse, the former Invicta FC featherweight champion screenshotted the tweet and posted to her 141k followers with the polite reminder to “be a better human being.”

She wrote: “Be better. This is on the milder scale of what I get daily. No one, and I mean no one deserves to be spoken to like this... ever. Please let this be a reminder to be a better human being.”

Not content with the Australian fighter being abused by a fellow faceless troll, another nameless account with a handful of followers then applied their own twisted logic to the matter, bizarrely accusing Anderson of 'double standards' and ‘cancel culture’, implying she deserved the hate messages instead of praise.

“You try to get someone cancelled from saying they wanna smash yet you post pics in your underwear.....double standards and quick exits in the octagon are the reasons your ass gets hate,” the online lunatic wrote.

With the tact and grace she displayed in dealing with the first hater, Anderson called out the toxic attitude of sexism and misogyny that female figures in the public eye endure every day.

“This is not it. A woman can post whatever she wants, and wear whatever she wants. It does not entitle men to speak about them in a disgusting way, it does not entitle them to sexually harass, or sexually assault them. This 'she asked for it' mentality is incredibly toxic,” she wrote.

Anderson last fought dominant division champion and pound-for-pound queen Amanda Nunes for the UFC featherweight championship on March 6, losing to the all-powerful Brazilian via submission.

The tattooed six-footer from the Gold Coast has had well-documented struggles with mental health issues in the past, which includes being discharged from the army after attempting to take her own life, before getting involved in boxing and then martials arts which has proved thus far to be her savior.