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15 Mar, 2021 17:55

'Empty pomp and circumstance': Eye-rolls after US Senator Romney calls for 'economic and diplomatic boycott' of Beijing Olympics

'Empty pomp and circumstance': Eye-rolls after US Senator Romney calls for 'economic and diplomatic boycott' of Beijing Olympics

Utah Senator Mitt Romney was met with raised eyebrows after voicing a proposal to ‘economically and politically’ boycott the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, which would supposedly ‘demonstrate US repudiation of China’s abuses.’

The Republican didn’t suggest that US athletes skip the event, but instead advocated imposing an economic and political boycott to address what he said were China's human rights violations.

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It would be unfair to ask a few hundred young American athletes to shoulder the burden of our disapproval,” Romney wrote in his column in the New York Times.

China deserves our condemnation. The Chinese Communist Party has reneged on its agreement to allow Hong Kong self rule; it has brutally suppressed peaceful demonstrators and incarcerated respected journalists.

"It is exacting genocide against Uighurs and other ethnic minorities” the senator added, asking US spectators and politicians to snub the winter sports spectacle and deny the Communist Party an opportunity to “raise money from hotels, meals and tickets.”

Romney also called on US Olympic broadcaster NBC to “refrain from showing any jingoistic elements of the opening and closing ceremonies and instead broadcast documented reports of China’s abuses.”

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His proposal triggered mixed reactions on social media, with some users lambasting the senator for his idea, calling it “empty pomp” and recommending that Romney "boycott his iPhone” instead. 

Boycotting China’s participation in the Olympics feels like empty pomp and circumstance. If you really mean business, boycott your iPhone, and most things you own,” a person wrote.

Others said that before paying attention to human rights violations in other countries, the US would do well to look closer to home.

Hey @MittRomney, before focusing on China, let's look at the abuses in the US. Clean that up, and then we can go global, ok?” another user added.

Or just leave politics out of the Olympics. This is a failed strategy, move on!” one more comment read.

You should probably be talking with your corporate handlers, and get them to stop using Chinese labor to make their goods” another person tweeted.