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11 Mar, 2021 12:04

‘We’re getting divorced’: Russian footballer Mamaev’s model wife ‘announces split’ on Instagram days after bizarre ‘prank suicide’

‘We’re getting divorced’: Russian footballer Mamaev’s model wife ‘announces split’ on Instagram days after bizarre ‘prank suicide’

A week after laughing off her alleged suicide attempt as a social media joke that audiences had failed to understand, the wife of footballer Pavel Mamaev appears to have announced that she is now splitting from her ex-con husband.

Following up last week's explosive developments with another social media bombshell, model Alana Mamaeva seemed to declare her marriage to the former Russia international over in her latest missive to her vast fanbase on Instagram.

The mother of Mamaev's two children had claimed that the midfielder for Russian Premier League side Rostov had cheated on her with a Spanish mistress before Mamaeva reportedly took 40 sleeping tablets in a Moscow hotel room while announcing: "I want to die."

In her latest move, Match TV translated Mamaeva to have informed her following of more than 153,000: “We're getting divorced peacefully and without scandals. Consider this an official statement."

The outlet said that the three-time Russian Cup winner will be allowed to see his children by his apparent ex-wife, who will not demand financial support.

Mamaeva broke the news shortly after posting a heavily-staged photo alongside a message insisting that she was "back in the ranks" following the concerned responses to a suspected suicide bid that she said had been a joke.

"All the guys who wrote me words of support, I want to say a huge thanks to you," she added.

"Perhaps someday I will tell the whole story first-hand. Until then, there will be no show.

"Throw away the popcorn, unsubscribe and live peacefully on. Forgive that you became involuntary spectators of this drama. I am such a person – emotions cloud your mind."

Despite denying the attempt on her own life, Mamaeva was reported to have been in a "medium grave" condition in hospital as a result of the incident.

The fashion lover describes herself as a "human rights activist in the field of plastic reconstructive surgery", acting as a detective to expose fake plastic surgery doctors.

Mamaev, who achieved infamy when he was jailed in 2019 along with former Russia teammate Aleksandr Kokorin for their part in two separate drunken brawls which left two men requiring hospital treatment, has had a difficult season with seventh-placed Rostov.

The 32-year-old's goal on the opening day of the campaign was as good as it has got for him so far, playing only two full matches since and finding himself sidelined by a ruptured achilles tendon since November.

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Some readers on Twitter appeared to react sarcastically to the report of the couple parting ways.

"Main sport news," mocked one, while another asked: "How do we now live, then?"

When a cynic on Instagram replied to suggest that Mamaeva would forgive the footballer's alleged indiscretions because of his wealth, a supporter hit back: "You are wrong. They are getting divorced. Alana made the right decision."

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