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30 Jan, 2021 15:33

‘I need it to make money’: Golf babe Spiranac hits back at critics telling her to cover up and admits her ‘job is on social media’

‘I need it to make money’: Golf babe Spiranac hits back at critics telling her to cover up and admits her ‘job is on social media’

Social media sensation Paige Spiranac has admitted that being online "crushes her confidence" at times, replying to messages that have accused her of being a cynical show-off with her routinely racy selfies across her platforms.

Self-described "Insta golf girl" Spiranac told her audience on Instagram, where she has almost three million followers, to "raise your hand if social media gets you down sometimes."

The 27-year-old contends with a torrent of responses online, many of which are from admirers of her glamorous photos and videos in tight and scantily-clad outfits.

"It’s hard seeing people being more successful than you, happier than you, looking the way you want to look," she confessed to the surprise of fans who do not have vast followings or make their incomes from the platforms.

"I love being on here for many reasons and the good always outweighs the bad but there are days where it crushes my confidence. My anxiety spirals when I start comparing myself to other people."

When one response suggested that Spiranac could improve the issue by spending less time online, she revealed that she was handling the "digital media" for a betting company alongside her endorsements and other earnings.

"My job is on social media so I do need it to make money," replied the American.

"I tend to be on my phone a lot because of that reason, so I actively try to put it down at a certain hour so I can disconnect."

Spiranac fired back at a comment telling her to "put some clothes on, for god's sake" by telling her critic "I'm wearing clothes", and asked one that accused her of showing off: "Who cares if I do?"

Others pointed out that she had used the heartfelt post to promote a Cannabidiol product, causing Spiranac to retort that she "just wanted to share that because it’s helped me and had helped a lot of other people."

For all her apparent misgivings about social media, one of Spiranac's tips for feeling better involved adding to her prolific pile of crowd-pleasing self-portraits.

"This one is silly," she accepted. "But when my confidence is down, I take a little extra time on myself.

"Put your favorite outfit on and maybe take a selfie or two. It’s OK to hype yourself up."

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