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22 Jan, 2021 16:32

‘Keep the same energy’: NBA star Jaylen Brown says the fight for social justice continues, despite Trump’s White House departure

‘Keep the same energy’: NBA star Jaylen Brown says the fight for social justice continues, despite Trump’s White House departure

NBA star Jaylen Brown has warned that just because there's a different man in the White House, the battle for social justice is far from over.

Boston Celtics guard and forward Brown has seen the outpouring of positivity and relief following Joe Biden's presidential election victory, and said that people mustn't fall into a false sense of security regarding the battle against social justice.

Speaking to TMZ Sports, Brown said it's crucial that people keep the pressure on, even though they are now aiming their concerns at a new administration.

"I don't want to be pessimistic, but I think now having a new face [in the White House], people are taking their foot off the gas, thinking that everything is okay now," said Brown.

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"I would like to challenge that. We still have a lot of work to do, regardless of if Biden is in office or not.

"Just because we have a new President, doesn’t mean the system doesn’t need to be changed."

Biden replaced Trump in the White House on January 20, sparking scenes of celebration across America. But as Brown explained, there is still much to repair and be addressed now the new administration is in place.

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"My dilemma was never with any presidencies or selections of different faces. It’s more about the system, I think, that needs to be changed," he explained.

"I know there was a lot of stress attached to our former president, potentially. But I definitely want to keep the same energy up in terms of having the awareness and pushing forward for change.

"We gotta keep the same energy up. People still gotta care. People still need to make phone calls and so on. So I’m looking forward to continuing to fight for change."

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