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20 Jan, 2021 15:41

‘Trump‘s president in four months’: Baseball champ Aubrey Huff lashes out at Biden and Harris as he claims Democrats control minds

‘Trump‘s president in four months’: Baseball champ Aubrey Huff lashes out at Biden and Harris as he claims Democrats control minds

Two-time World Series champion Aubrey Huff has predicted that Donald Trump will return as US president in four months and claimed that new head of state Joe Biden's party put their political opponents in "re-education camps".

In a wide-ranging series of stormy outbursts, former San Francisco Giants title winner Huff said that incoming president Joe Biden was often unaware of his surroundings, responding to a question about new vice-president Kamala Harris with an extraordinary prophecy about Trump.

While many believe the impeached Trump's future beyond the White House looks bleak, Huff hoped he would return by May and bizarrely described himself as requiring "reprogramming".

"At least with Trump we knew who was making the decisions," snapped the 44-year-old.

"With Joe Biden, we have no clue where he’s getting his marching orders from. I mean, sh*t, he doesn’t even know where he is the majority of the time.

"Trump is president in four months. I’m a white Republican Trump supporter and I need to be reprogrammed."

Provocative Huff calls himself "Pro God, America, gun, whiskey and toxic masculinity", and he was roundly mocked on Twitter, with many pointing to his incorrect prediction that the presidential election would be a landslide for the Republicans.

The former commentator, who has hinted he will run for Governor of California in 2022 in a campaign to thwart "liberal attacks", also said that he would rather have bumbling film character Cousin Eddie leading his nation than Biden.

"Democrats [say] 'think like us or you will be thrown in re-education camps and censored," he warned.

"Well, I got two words for you f*ckers: good luck."

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