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19 Jan, 2021 16:40

Spanish football stars handed two-year prison sentences for sharing sex tape

Spanish football stars handed two-year prison sentences for sharing sex tape

Two Spanish footballers, Eibar striker Sergi Enrich and his former teammate Antonio Luna, have been given two-year suspended sentences for recording and sharing a video with sexualized content.

Along with a jail sentence, the pair have each been fined €100,000, Mundo Deportivo reported. 

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The verdict was delivered by a court in San Sebastián, in Spain’s Basque Country, with the players being found guilty of recording and sharing the intimate video without having the consent of a woman they filmed.

The controversial footage was captured on a mobile phone in 2016, and showed the players with a woman who claimed to have been filmed without her permission.

The scandal erupted after the video went viral, with Enrich and Luna being accused of infringement of the woman’s privacy.

Another former Eibar player, Eddy Silvestre, who was accused of sharing the video online after his teammates sent it to him, has been cleared of all charges by the court.

Enrich and Luna managed to avoid a severe jail term – the prosecution had demanded five years in prison for the two athletes and two years for Silvestre. Both apologized for their actions. 

They are unlikely to actually spend any time behind bars, as under Spanish legislation, first-time offenders do not usually do time for sentences of under two years, serving it on probation instead.