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‘That’s just weird’: Fans argue after gun-loving WWE star Lacey Evans ‘shows off weapon with daughter’s face on as Christmas gift’

‘That’s just weird’: Fans argue after gun-loving WWE star Lacey Evans ‘shows off weapon with daughter’s face on as Christmas gift’
WWE stunner Lacey Evans’ purported Christmas gift of a handgun featuring an image of her eight-year-old daughter on the handle has split opinion among fans, with some accusing the star of being “odd and weird.”

According to Ringside News, the 30-year-old wrestling star proudly showed off her new weapon to her followers on Instagram Stories shortly after Christmas.

The Ruger handgun features a smiling image of Evans’ daughter Summer on the handle.


The gesture met with a mixed response among fans, with some suggesting the image on the gun was inappropriate.

“I’m 45, owned guns my whole life… I still find this incredibly weird and kinda creepy,” wrote one fan on Ringside News.

“Especially the pic where it looks like there’s a hole in the kid’s head and down low, just looks like crap, honestly… In any case, for me personally, there ain’t no way I’d want something like this with my kids’ pictures on it. Just seems odd and weird.”

“That is a pretty bizarre gift,” wrote another fan, while one person replied: “There are plenty of things I’d get made with my kids’ pictures on them. A gun isn’t one of them. That’s really weird.”

"I don’t understand America, for having guns in the first place let alone putting kids faces on them," wrote another wrestling follower on Twitter. 

But others defended the star over the gift, with one person writing: “There’s nothing wrong with this… good for her.”

“What’s wrong with her having a picture of her daughter with her in a life-or-death situation?” added another fan.  

Evans – whose real name is Macey Estrella-Kadlec – is no stranger to combat outside the ring, serving in the US Marines for five years before embarking on her wrestling career.

She has shared images of herself toting guns with her 1.3 million fans on Instagram, as well as pictures as a doting mother alongside her daughter Summer.  

Back in November of 2019, Evans made history alongside fellow WWE superstar Natalya as the first women to appear in a wrestling match in Saudi Arabia at the organization’s Crown Jewel spectacular.

Both stars ditched their usual racy ring attire to cover up for the event, in line with the kingdom’s strict rules on women’s dress codes.

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