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20 Dec, 2020 13:23

No laughing matter: Jockey SMILES while showing off horrendously broken arm after violent fall (GRAPHIC PHOTOS)

No laughing matter: Jockey SMILES while showing off horrendously broken arm after violent fall (GRAPHIC PHOTOS)

Koby Jennings required invasive surgery to repair a double forearm fracture after a nasty fall at Australia's Goulburn racecourse, but you wouldn't know he was too concerned about it judging by photographs taken afterwards.

Jennings, 25, has a metal plate and "a lot of screws" inserted into his left forearm after breaking both bones in it when he came off his horse, the three-year-old Eliseo, during the race.

Photographs taken shortly after the accident show Jennings' left arm bending at an eye-watering angle below the elbow, with the jockey inexplicably appearing to smile and laugh in the images.

After an x-ray confirmed the extent of the damage, Jennings has surgery at Norwest Hospital and is expected to be absent from the racetrack for a period of 10 weeks or more. 

This caps an extended spell of bad luck for the jockey who has more than 300 career wins under his belt, as he had recently returned to action after recovering from a broken jaw.

"I won't be rushing anything because I kind of rushed back a bit quick when I broke my jaw last year and I don't think that was for the best," Jennings said of the timetable for his return.

"I was planning to have Christmas off this year and spend it with the family down in Victoria so I will take some time."

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