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10 Dec, 2020 17:13

‘That's cheating’: Transgender player’s debut in Argentinian female soccer league sparks heated debate online

‘That's cheating’: Transgender player’s debut in Argentinian female soccer league sparks heated debate online

After Mara Gomez debuted in Argentinian women’s football league as the first transgender player in the country, the internet was filled with mixed reactions, with some users stating that the striker has an unfair advantage.

Gomez played the first official game for Villa San Carlos on Tuesday after being officially registered to play in women’s first division game by the Argentinian Football Association (AFA).

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The athlete was allowed to enter the women’s league after the AFA conducted blood tests which proved Gomez’s testosterone level was within the acceptable limits.

Despite losing the game against Lanus by the crushing score 7-1, the player was satisfied with the first game, stressing that 'new roads' had been opened.

Gomez’s appearance in the women’s league was met with mixed reactions on social media where some users suggested a trans person shouldn’t have been allowed to compete against biological women.

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While some fans congratulated the 23-year-old, others were critical about Gomez’s presence among female players, saying it could lead to an influx of men to women’s sport.

A man paying against women is not gaining my respect in any form! How can the women playing allow this type of cheating?” one person wrote.

What happens when this is allowed in the WNBA or other woman’s [sic] sports. Unfair advantage,” another user said.

I’m guessing he wasn’t good enough to play in the men’s leagues,” one more comment read.

Have no issue with the life choice but a Biological man should not be allowed to play women’s sports,” a user said.

Sounds awesome but it isn’t fair to women. Men are physically bigger and faster than women. You can argue estrogen reduces muscle mass, but I guarantee you no athlete is going to take enough estrogen to give himself or herself that disadvantage in losing muscle mass. For sports,” one more person stated.

That’s cheating. That’s a man playing against women,” another follower added.