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MMA champion Emiliano Sordi used $1 MILLION prize to feed hungry people in his home town during COVID-19 crisis

MMA champion Emiliano Sordi used $1 MILLION prize to feed hungry people in his home town during COVID-19 crisis
PFL light heavyweight champion Emiliano Sordi has donated his million-dollar prize to feed hungry people in Argentina which has been badly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sordi won the PFL’s 2019 light heavyweight season and playoffs, defeating five opponents in one year to earn the season championship and a check for $1 million in prize money.

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But, instead of spending the money on luxury purchases, the fighter preferred to help people in his home town of Rio Cuarto by providing them with free meals.

Appearing on the Hablemos MMA podcast, the fighter talked about his huge donation, describing the situation in the South-American country as "very bad".

I tried to use this, that happened to me, to help friends and people in my city,” Sordi said.

Everything here is very rough. The economy is very bad. The situation is looking very ugly.”

We started giving food to about 300 people and we got to a point where we gave food to 3,000. So, economically, I didn’t enjoy any of [the $1 million prize]. I didn’t buy anything. I didn’t go on vacation. I mean, I was locked at home. But I used those resources to help people who were going through a rough time,” he added.

Argentina is one of the world’s worst-affected countries, with a lengthy COVID-19 lockdown badly impacting the country’s economy.