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11 Nov, 2020 18:08

'He's DETERMINED to recover': Football icon Maradona to leave hospital for alcohol clinic TODAY as lawyer hails 'MIRACLE' brain op

'He's DETERMINED to recover': Football icon Maradona to leave hospital for alcohol clinic TODAY as lawyer hails 'MIRACLE' brain op

Diego Maradona's lawyer has admitted that the icon has overcome the "most difficult" moment of his life while having brain surgery in hospital in Argentina, adding that his client is "determined" to beat his alcohol dependency.

Matias Morla called for Maradona to focus after announcing that he is expected to end his lengthy stay in a hospital near Buenos Aires, where he was successfully treated for a possible bleed on his brain after reluctantly agreeing to seak medical advice.

Doctors sedated the former striker on Friday after he suffered problems related to alcohol dependency following the operation, describing how the hugely popular 1986 World Cup winner was suffering from "a mix" of serious complications including cardiovascular and liver issues.

They warned that the 60-year-old will need permanent support, starting with his admission to an alcohol addicition clinic when he leaves hospital.

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"Diego has gone through maybe the most difficult moment of his life," said Morla.

"I think it was a miracle that they found this bleeding in his brain that could have cost him his life.

"Fortunately, he is now feeling well and is determined to recover in the best way possible."

Select close friends will be able to visit the Gimnasia coach, who was initially found to be experiencing anaemia and dehydration when he entered hospital.

His daughters, Dalma, Giannina and Jana, had visited him daily in hospital, but his eldest son, Diego Jr, who lives in Italy, has not been able to travel to Argentina yet because he has tested positive for COVID-19.

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"The good thing is that Diego is together," added Morla. "Diego is solid.

"The important thing is that he only thinks about recovering. In this moment, he just needs affection and tranquillity.”

Maradona has been in hospital three times in the last 20 years for serious health issues – two of which were potentially fatal – due to his drug and alcohol addictions.

"Diego is in the mood to leave and we are evaluating a discharge that could be on Wednesday," his doctor, Leopoldo Luque, had said on Monday.

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"We have to see the clinical parameters but the progress is very good."

The national hero's last public appearance came when he briefly attended a celebration at Gimnasia's stadium in La Planta following his 60th birthday last month.

Luque said a long-term strategy for dealing with Maradona's alcohol struggles had not been formed over the weekend.

"We will discuss these issues when the time comes," he explained. "We will discuss them together with the family. We all agree to take Diego forward."

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