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‘You are pushing the LGBTQ agenda on families’: Christian group LAMBASTS TV ad with gymnastics icon Simone Biles

‘You are pushing the LGBTQ agenda on families’: Christian group LAMBASTS TV ad with gymnastics icon Simone Biles
America's most decorated gymnast Simone Biles has found herself in hot water after a Christian group demanded an end to her Uber Eats ad campaign with Jonathan Van Ness because it was “pushing the LGBTQ agenda on families.”

The four-time Olympic champion teamed up with ‘Queer Eye’ star Van Ness, who identifies as both gay and nonbinary, to appear in an Uber Eats ad.

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In a series of commercials, the multiple world champion shows tumbling skills and discusses meal orders together with Van Ness while wearing similar leotards.

The ad infuriated Christian group One Million Mums which called on the company to stop showing the video which they claimed “brainwashes viewers.”

Instead of making audiences lose their appetite by glamorizing a LGBTQ lifestyle, Uber Eats should focus on what it does and remain neutral on controversial issues,” group director Monica Cole wrote in a letter addressed to members of One Million Moms.

Watching someone prance around in the opposite sex’s clothing” is both harmful and “screams liberal agenda,” Cole went on to say.

Supporting the LGBTQ agenda versus remaining neutral in the culture war is just bad business. If Christians cannot find corporate neutrality with Uber Eats and Uber, then they will vote with their money and support companies that are neutral.”

Biles was quick to react stressing that she will always support the LGTBQIA community promising to do many more commercials in their defense.

The world we live in makes me sad, but I’d do x1000000 more commercials with you just to piss everyone off! The LGBTQIA will always have my support and feel welcome on my socials,” she wrote.