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28 Sep, 2020 14:56

‘I won’t hit you hard, but I will hit you beautifully!’ Russian female MMA fighter Semenova calls out pop star Buzova

‘I won’t hit you hard, but I will hit you beautifully!’ Russian female MMA fighter Semenova calls out pop star Buzova

Russian female MMA fighter and boxer Angelina Semenova has bizarrely called out pop star and television personality Olga Buzova for a boxing match, promising not to hit the singer too hard but instead “beautifully”.

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Pro boxer and Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner Semenova said in an Instagram post that she is willing to test the words of Buzova that she is a “warrior in life” who would “get in the ring with anyone”.

“I’m calling you out! Olya Buzova. If you’re ready to get in the ring, then I’m ready to box you! I hope that you won’t back out from your words, that you’re ready to get in the ring with anyone and like you yourself said - that you’re a warrior in life!” the 26-year-old Semenova wrote.

“You are beautiful, but I am beautiful and strong. Let’s organize a real good fight! I promise that I won’t hit you hard, but will hit you beautifully!”


We're not sure what the point of Semenova's call out is, other than to perhaps cash in on the interest in a boxing match with someone of Buzova's 22 million following on Instagram would create for a little-known Russian fighter.

A quick look at Semenova's record in professional fighting might suggest a pop star could in fact be her level; her only other pro boxing match came as a late replacement in August and lasted only nine seconds, being knocked out by a body shot by Anna Krasnoperova in the first round of the fight.

Buzova's sporting credentials are only a little more tenuous, on account of her being married to former Lokomotiv Moscow and Russia midfielder Dmitri Tarasov.