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'Scumbags!' Russian boxer & kickboxer suspects in sickening 1-punch KO killing of man defending disabled person in Siberia (VIDEO)

'Scumbags!' Russian boxer & kickboxer suspects in sickening 1-punch KO killing of man defending disabled person in Siberia (VIDEO)
A Russian ex-boxer and a female world champion kickboxer have been filmed partaking in a mass brawl in which a man was killed with a sickening one-punch knockout while allegedly defending a disabled person in Barnaul, Siberia.

Former boxer Mikhail Startsev, 38, and kickboxer Liliya Vorogushina were filmed fighting in a city parking lot on Monday, which began with the duo and another woman approaching and then beating a man with his own walking stick, according to television channel '360'.

In the footage, Startsev can be seen hauling the man to the floor while Vorogushina aims kicks at the man’s head. At one point all three can be seen restraining the man on the floor in a martial arts-type submission hold.

When one of the women grabs and begins beating the victim with his own cane - which is needed owing to damage to the left side of the victim’s body due to a car crash - 40-year-old married father of three Pavel Pokhlov is said to have intervened. 

Despite the disabled man lying prone on the floor, Vorogushina can be seen landing further kicks on the man, to which Pokhlov responds by striking her and sending her stumbling to the floor.

In retaliation, Startsev can be seen landing the fatal blow onto an unsuspecting Pokhlov, who immediately collapses and strikes his head on the pavement. Onlookers can be heard reacting in horror at seeing Pokhlov’s limp body crash to the ground, his head taking the full impact of the fall.

Pokhlov’s widow Svetlana, who herself was injured in the violence, took to Instagram to voice her distress at the passing of her partner and her disgust at those involved in the brawl, which she called “scumbags” and “animals” in videos of the fight with the personal information of Startsev and Vorogushina.

“Thanks to this animal my beloved husband and father of three children is no more! A good, kind-hearted man! Who couldn’t just walk by when a disabled person was being attacked!” Svetlana, who is believed to have a six-year-old daughter with Pokhlov wrote.

“This man had a walking stick in his hand, he was simply trying to get away from these scumbags. My Pavel came to help him. Wanted to separate them. But Vorogushina - a champion kickboxer, and her friend started to jump in and beat us.

“Then there was the fatal blow and instant death! Instant! Not one of these scumbags have apologised to me or to his parents. They just decided to make it easier and block me everywhere.”

Others can be seen standing and watching the fight unfold, including witnessing the fatal blow be landed, but none of the bystanders offered help to those being attacked. It is believed Startsev and Vorogushina were under the influence of alcohol when the event unfolded.

According to the Barnaul regional kickboxing federation website, Vorogushina’s illustrious career includes becoming a two-time champion of the world, four-time Russian Championship winner and a former bronze medalist in the Kickboxing World Cup.

Svetlana made an appeal to locals to become involved in the case against Startsev, encouraging the full 15 year prison term for murder to be imposed as punishment, and commenting that July 27, 2020, was the day that for her and her daughter “life fell apart forever.”

It is reported that Startsev and Vorogushina are appealing to city officials and are preparing to take their case to Moscow.