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6 May, 2020 10:13

'I tried to get coronavirus': Russian MMA heavyweight Sergei Kharitonov says he stood near people with coughs to 'feel the virus'

'I tried to get coronavirus': Russian MMA heavyweight Sergei Kharitonov says he stood near people with coughs to 'feel the virus'

Bellator fighter Sergei Kharitonov has revealed that he sought out people in Moscow who appeared to be ill because he wanted to experience Covid-19 for himself – and has repeated his view that cold water is a remedy for the virus.

Kharitonov has continued to train as normal after calling Alexander Lukashenko, the president of Belarus who has raised eyebrows by refusing to impose a lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic, "the most adequate coronavirus expert on the planet."

The veteran World Total Kombat Federation competitor has repeatedly promoted the pouring of cold water over the body as a way of staving off the deadly virus, posting photos and videos of himself carrying out the unorthodox treatment in rivers.

"Even if someone nearby coughs, I’m not particularly afraid of this," he told his following of more than 78,000 on Instagram, where he has also posted clips emphasizing his opposition to compulsory vaccinations alongside illustrations of a man having a gun held to their head.

"I even admit honestly that when I was in Moscow, I went to places where people cough. I wanted to try to get this coronavirus myself, to feel what it is like, what kind of virus it is.

"Unfortunately or fortunately, that did not happen. Apparently my immune system works."

More than 1,500 people have been confirmed to have died in Russia after contracting the disease, but Kharitonov has questioned the lockdown enforced as part of public health guidelines to protect people.

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Posting a video of Anatoliy Kim, of the Kazakhstan MMA Federation, appearing to be questioned by an enforcement officer at an outdoor gym, Kharitonov claimed there was a "lack of knowledge of the law" and argued: "More people will die at the hands of criminals and starvation than from coronavirus.

"If [government] employees do not know the laws, then what about civilians? There is chaos in the country."

He added that "illegal fines, abuse of power, arrests of respectable citizens and more" were taking place during the lockdown, which began at the end of March and was later extended until at least next week as the death toll rose.

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Проблема наша и соседних государств в незнании закона, требовать от людей сами не зная чего, это говорит о слабом образовании сотрудников правоохранительных органов и ТД, отсюда: незаконные штрафы, превышение должностных полномочий, аресты добропорядочных граждан и тд... Ну и само собой хаос в стране. Никто не знает,что можно,что нельзя, больше людей погибнет от рук преступников и голода чем от коронавируса. полное видео на странице уважаемого мной человека которого зовут Анатолий Ким @kazmma если сотрудники не знают законов, то что говорить о гражданских людях @bellatormma @ufc @bellatorkb @ufceurope @m1global @zharafight #bottlecapchallenge #камчатка #коронавирус #coronavirusitaly #corona #coronavirusitalianews #хабаровск#екатеринбург#спорт#подготовка#сборы#америка#россия#европа#украина#казахстан#беллорусия#минск#команда#Тольковперединешагуназад#самбо#дзюдо#армейскийрукопашныйбой#универсальныйбой#бокс#кикбоксинг#грекоримскаяборьба#вольнаяборьба#слававдв#победа2020

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The 39-year-old former kickboxing champion, who knocked out Fernando Rodriguez Jr in Minsk in February, has been prolific on social media during the outbreak in Russia, regularly offering his forthright views in colorful style.

He filmed a music video depicting himself singing with a traveling band and supplying vodka through intravenous drips on a hospital ward last month and has echoed conspiracy theories voiced by compatriot and former boxing champion Sergey Kovalev.

"I hope that you make these posts from the heart and not from the desire to get somewhere in power," one fan wrote in response to his latest post. "I do not want to be disappointed because you are one of the few famous people who voice problems without embellishing them."

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