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27 Apr, 2020 16:34

Fans spot curious 'Russian' detail as Liverpool star Van Dijk pays tribute to healthcare workers with superheroes image

Fans spot curious 'Russian' detail as Liverpool star Van Dijk pays tribute to healthcare workers with superheroes image

Eagle-eyed social media users have spotted a curious Russian detail in an image shared by Liverpool defender Virgil van Dijk to honor frontline healthcare workers in the fight against the coronavirus.

Dutch defensive colossus Van Dijk shared the image with his 1.7 million Twitter followers, which features a row of superhero characters such as the Hulk, Superman and Spiderman, lining a hospital corridor and bowing as three masked healthcare workers pass.

The tribute - variations of which have been widely shared elsewhere - racked up 180,000 likes, but some fans picked up on a curious Russian-related detail.

In the version of the meme shared by Van Dijk, the leading worker is carrying a file marked with the official Russian double-headed eagle coat of arms.

Van Dijk is unlikely to have noticed the specific Russian nature of the tribute, while most fans were preoccupied with either praising healthcare workers or trolling the 2019 UEFA Player of the Year over Liverpool's Champions League defeat to Atletico Madrid, in what was their last game before football ground to a halt.

Van Dijk's comic book nod was not the only time Liverpool have been linked to superheroes during the coronavirus crisis.

Bizarrely, the authorities in Singapore were forced to rethink a social responsibility campaign which featured fictional characters dubbed the 'Virus Vanguard' and created specifically to combat the deadly disease.

One such creation in the group was a Liverpool-hating hero called Must Always Walk Alone Man - an inversion of the Anfield club's famous 'You'll Never Walk Alone' anthem - created to promote social distancing measures.

The hero fell foul of a local Liverpool fan group, who petitioned the Singaporean government into removing the characters to be redesigned.

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Meanwhile, Van Dijk and his fellow Premier League elite have been kicking their heels on the sidelines since the competition was suspended on March 13, although the latest indications are that the league is aiming for a restart on June 8, with a view to finishing the season by the end of July. 

That return will likely be behind closed doors though, as the UK government mulls easing lockdown measures step by step. 

Liverpool skipper Jordan Henderson has won praise during the Covid-19 crisis for leading discussions with fellow Premier League captains on how they can contribute to charities to help the battle the disease.

The club as a whole were criticized however, after announcing they would be furloughing some non-playing members of staff, before being forced into a U-turn after a backlash from the fans, media and former players.  

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Once the season resumes Liverpool are aiming to pick up the two wins they need to guarantee a first league title in 30 years.