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27 Apr, 2020 14:40

'You're f*cking kidding!' Ukrainian footballer sparks row with ex-wife after confessing to THREESOME in live chat with fans

'You're f*cking kidding!' Ukrainian footballer sparks row with ex-wife after confessing to THREESOME in live chat with fans

Former Ukraine international Oleksandr Aliyev's live chat backfired spectacularly when the ex-wife he still shares a flat with lambasted him with expletives in front of fans after he answered a question about his sex life.

Aliyev was telling glamorous female fan Inna Golovko that he had taken part in a threesome when ex-wife Tatyana, who he has admitted to cheating on but still shares a flat with alongside their children, furiously interrupted the Instagram live chat off camera.

Golovko held her hand to her mouth in shock and Aliyev rolled his eyes as Tatyana barracked the former international midfielder for talking about sex in front of his offspring, ordering him to “go to the balcony and talk about sex over there.”

“Shut your mouth – there are kids here,” shouted Tatyana, taking exception to hearing brags from the man she claimed had barred her from their shared property in an act of cowardice and had a fondness for “casinos, whores and alcohol” in 2019.


The 35-year-old coach ignored her instruction and responded by accusing Tatyana of “showing off in front of people”, asking: “Are you f*cking kidding? What are you yelling for? There are people watching. Why are you yelling?”

Aliyev nonchalantly continued the chat after the fierce reproach, chuckling into the camera with Golovko and some of his following of more than 24,000 on the social media platform.

Tatyana published a photo and footage at the start of last year that appeared to show Aliyev beating her in front of their children and the black eye she endured as a result of his violence, telling TCH that he had abused her for eight years.

The pair were reportedly preparing to live together again while the criminal abuse charges against Aliyev were being heard in February 2019.

Tatyana was quoted as being open to “reconciliation” in order for their children to “live in a peaceful environment”, while Aliyev said he was only interested in winning on the football pitch, demanding that they should seek therapy and that “children need to see their parents.”

Earlier this month, Aliyev admitted to being unfaithful to Tatyana – attracting attention again within months of being forced to publicly apologize for a confrontation with police when he was pulled over in his car with friends.

Aliyev earned early notoriety for being sent off for pushing a referee while playing for Dinamo in the Champions League, calling the official a "goat" and being caught on camera diving theatrically during the game at Arsenal.

He spent 10 years and two spells at the club where he made his debut as a 17-year-old in 2002, spending time in the company of fellow Ukraine and Dinamo stalwart Artem Milevskiy during his early playing days.

“They used to call us in the early hours from nightclubs and asked us to come and collect Aliev and Milevsky, who were drunk,” former coach Yozhev Sabo recalled.

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Popular at Lokomotiv Moscow for contributing 14 goals in 25 appearance in the 2010-11 season, Aliyev regularly produces content with friends showing himself taking part in football challenges, talking over food and drink and spending time with his children and their pet pug.

He has used his own YouTube channel, called Kent, to give his views on the game, Kiev mayor Vitali Klitschko’s approach to the battle against Covid-19 and Shakhtar Donetsk, telling losers of one of his challenges to wear one of Dinamo’s arch-rivals’ shirts as a forfeit.

In between filming his own sessions on punchbags, Aliyev has also been teaching his children to box during their family time in quarantine.

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