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19 Mar, 2020 13:45

'Shameless & selfish': Russian Olympic figure skating champ Zagitova condemned for coronavirus door handle 'joke'

'Shameless & selfish': Russian Olympic figure skating champ Zagitova condemned for coronavirus door handle 'joke'

Russian Olympic champion Alina Zagitova has been criticized by fans after she shared a video of herself opening a door with the help of her leg, joking that it was a measure to protect herself from the coronavirus.

The 17-year-old, who was heading to a training session at Khrustalny Skating Palace, touched the door handle with her boot to make it open.

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That’s why you need good stretching,” the reigning world champion captioned the video, adding a virus emoji in apparent reference to the coronavirus outbreak.

Zagitova’s post was met with criticism as many users condemned the skater for the “joke” and accused her of making the handle even dirtier.


Did you think about people who will touch the dirty door handle after you? You are thinking only about yourself,” one user wrote.

Do you open your car door in the same way?” another person asked.

You are shameless and selfish person and have poor manners,” one more comment reads.

Having received an avalanche of angry comments the skater deleted the video, replacing it with a picture of herself wearing a face mask.

Let all people stay healthy,” Zagitova wrote, adopting a more serious tone in regards to the coronavirus pandemic.