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18 Mar, 2020 12:14

Toilet paper juggling, tea bag sorting & home exercise: Footballers find novel ways to beat coronavirus lockdown boredom (VIDEO)

Toilet paper juggling, tea bag sorting & home exercise: Footballers find novel ways to beat coronavirus lockdown boredom (VIDEO)

With major leagues suspended and large numbers of players ordered to stay at home amid the coronavirus pandemic, footballers have found some inventive ways to keep fit and entertain themselves.

Swathes of suspensions have hit the sporting world in recent days as seasons fall victim to the Covid-19 outbreak which has infected 200,000 people worldwide and claimed more than 7,500 lives.

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Football has not found itself exempt, with a number of big-name players and managers testing positive for the virus, while leagues including La Liga in Spain, Serie A in Italy and the Premier League in England have all been put on hold.

Many players have been told to self-isolate, leading to some novel ways of passing the time and keeping up spirits.

Liverpool midfielder James Milner – a man renowned for his dry humor – has used the break to rearrange his tea bags into daily rations.

The famous stickler for detail then amused his followers with a video of himself cutting his lawn with a pair of scissors and a ruler.

Now the tea bags are sorted I’ve got time to level out this lawn...” Milner wrote.

Milner’s teammate Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain used quarantine break to brush up on his dancing skills.

Some players have embarked on a social media challenge to juggle a toilet roll instead of a ball, in a nod to the panic-buying of the daily essential which has hit various nations.

Monaco midfielder Cesc Fabregas paid tribute to Eddie Murphy by recreating the famous ‘Good Morning My Neighbours’ scene from ‘Coming to America’ during the coronavirus break.

Manchester United stars Diogo Dalot shared a video of his practice with teammate Bruno Fernandes, which was interrupted when a ball got lost in a nearby tree.

Quarantine life’s. After all.. who won it, @B_Fernandes8 Let people decide..’ Dalot captioned the video which was shared on his Twitter page.

Juventus star Paulo Dybala shared a video of his insane workouts together with his girlfriend, pop star Oriana Sabatini, wowing followers with jaw-dropping poses they take during home-made routine.  

Elsewhere, others worked out more intensely, including Real Madrid skipper Sergio Ramos – who hit the treadmill at his home.