‘Angel with body of a devil’: Former Chinese bodybuilder sends internet into frenzy with naked snaps (PHOTOS)

24 Oct, 2019 11:14 / Updated 3 years ago

Former Chinese bodybuilder Yuan Herong has set social media alight after sharing saucy snaps of her sculpted body which quickly went viral, turning the model into a new internet celebrity.

The woman, who previously took part in bodybuilding competitions, decided to swap the fitness industry for the medical profession. She now works as a doctor in a Chinese hospital.

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My job is a doctor, a part-time model, not a fitness coach,” Herong wrote responding to Instagram followers who asked her about her bodybuilding career.

Dubbed ‘Chun-Li’ for her astonishing resemblance with the iconic Street Fighter video game character, the model often shares revealing pictures on Instagram, showing off her perfectly-built muscular body.

She is often described by fans as an “angel who has the body of a devil.”

Incredible - even better than the Aztec Goddess on the cover of the 1st Malo album!” a person commented on Herong’s saucy picture.

If Leonardo Da Vinci had seen this he would have become dumb,” another comment read.

Excellent muscle tone from head to toe you look awesome,” another user added.“Your muscles are killing me,” one follower said.

Despite rising to internet fame with the help of raunchy photo sessions, Herong’s posts are not always admired by users. Some think her body is excessively ripped and over-trained.

Not sexy and feminine at all,” one more user wrote under Herong’s steamy snap.

Muscles are too big, not beautiful at all,” another follower added. 

No, No, I don't need a bride like that,” a person added a comment under Herong’s wedding gown picture.