Big arms, big fail: Russian 'Bazooka Arms' falls flat on his MMA debut (VIDEO)

22 Oct, 2019 17:49 / Updated 3 years ago

Kirill 'Bazooka Arms' Tereshin may have arms the size of a normal man's thighs, but his artificially-enhanced guns fired blanks on fight night as he was submitted by Russian blogger Oleg Mongol in their MMA fight.

Tereshin made his name by pumping his arms with synthol to increase their size to a freakish size. And his one-foot-wide biceps proved to be his Achilles heel as he was taken down and finished with an armlock that left the big-armed Russian in unbearable pain as he tapped out his submission.

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Tereshin, whose Instagram account boasts 444,000 followers, is something of a cult figure on social media, with his decision to step into the cage keenly followed by his fans online.

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Unfortunately, Tereshin, who admitted pre-fight that he was "not a fighter", found himself unable to cope with having one of his huge arms trapped on the mat.

Watch the action via the video player above.