Russian ‘Bazooka Arms’ takes on blogger in MMA bout – and gets beaten (VIDEO)

20 Oct, 2019 14:20 / Updated 4 years ago

In one of those events that can definitively be filed under “crazy stuff that happens in Russia,” a man nicknamed ‘Bazooka Arms’ faced off against a blogger in an MMA bout – and ended up getting submitted.

Kirill 'Bazooka Arms' Tereshin made headlines around the world several years ago when he underwent synthol drug injections that gave him foot-wide biceps.  

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He regularly updates his 444,000 Instagram followers with his minor celebrity antics, the latest of which involved an MMA bout against Russian blogger Oleg Mongol.

After a feisty build-up in which Tereshin, 23, admitted he’s “not a fighter” but still vowed to see off his punier-armed opponent, the pair finally faced off at a gym in the city of Abakan in the Russian Republic of Khakassia.

And while ‘Bazooka Arms’ rocked his opponent with some shots from his wildly flailing arms early on in the fight, his ridiculous biceps ultimately proved his undoing.

After the action went to ground, Mongol managed to maneuver on top of his opponent, latching onto his arms and forcing him to tap out.

You can watch all the action in the video below, with the fight starting at 13 minutes 45 seconds.  

Earlier this year, Tereshin also tasted defeated when he went up against Russian slapping champion Vasiliy 'The Dumpling' Kamotskiy.

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After Tereshin failed to make Kamotskiy so much as flinch with his slaps, the Dumpling sent his big-armed rival sprawling to the floor with his first hit, winning the contest.

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