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Neymar sexual assault accuser indicted for extortion, fraud in Brazil

Neymar sexual assault accuser indicted for extortion, fraud in Brazil
The woman at the center of sexual assault allegations against Brazil superstar Neymar has been indicted by Sao Paulo police on charges related to falsifying statements regarding to accusations she made against the player in May.

Model Najila Trindade and a former partner of hers have both received indictments which allege that the pair conducted procedural fraud, slanderous denunciation and extortion as part of what appears to be a scheme designed to defraud Neymar from money, according to reports.

This echoes statements made by Neymar, his father and agent in the days following the May incident in which the player said he was the victim of extortion and that the incident was little more than a "setup."

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Trinidade had told police that she was the victim of sexual assault by the player, who had arranged to meet her in a Paris hotel after an exchange of social media messages had taken place and later confirmed her story in several interviews.

Once the accusation became public, Neymar stated in an Instagram Live video that their brief relationship was entirely consensual.

"There was a relationship between a man and a woman between four walls. On the next day nothing happened," he said. "I hope investigators read the messages and see what happened."

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The official investigation into the alleged assault was ended after officials determined that there was insufficient evidence to take it further.